Privacy Concern

I have very much enjoyed this site so far and am considering becoming a paid supporter at some point. Keep up the good work!

One minor point of concern, however, regards the "See who's viewed this thread..." option on these forums. I would be totally ok with a "See how many people have viewed this thread..." option, but I find the former bothersome. Maybe it's just me, but I feel I should be able to read something without everyone on this site being able to know. It's not the biggest deal, I know, but it does bother me.
Hmm... You bring up a good point. I may need to change this to be an opt-in feature. Especially for the public forums.
Thanks for the quick response.

True, I could see how it would be useful as a campaign forum feature, so I can track who's paid attention among my players and whom I need to fill in in person before a session. It's only the public forums that bother me.
I like the way it is, personally. Not really for any great functionality it brings, more just the "community" feel that it brings.

You know, you start to recognize different names and portraits, and it gives a sort of tight-knitted vibe. I have never spoken to most of these people who have viewed this thread thusfar, but I know of them now, and they know of me!

Like I said, not that it adds or detracts from any great functionality. Just creates a nice culture.

two cents deposited.