Who are the current crew?

Hi Guys

I just want to get an update as to who is actually still on board Vera's Revenge.
Are they some of the NPCs mentioned in the wikis?
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Right now, I think that it's just Sam Stryker, Romaldo, Clavier and Misha Tay on a boat, along with one of the surviving goblin minions. Heading towards a uncertain future down the Vile Coast.
Sandra Quinn is also with us, I believe. Vera, Jaundiced Jape, Frisby and Crimson Cogward were wiped out. That leaves Owlbear and Orcana on the Queen Vera's Revenge back at Rickety's Squibs. Wait, did we leave those two guarding our ship?!

I think we're well below skeleton crew level now, and we don't really have anything to offer new crew other than the promise of future loot. Anyway, let's worry about that if we make it to Blood Cove ... ;)
Vile is correct on all counts. The only NPCs from the original Wormwood that have survived and are still with the PCs are Sandra Quinn and Owlbear.