Professions and Knowledge

I think everyone should post what professions each character has
as well as knowledge skills so we make sure we're not overlapping.
Especially with all the recent PC deaths.

Romaldo (lvl 4)
Profession (sailor) +10
Profession (Merchant) +9
Craft Alchemy + 4

Clavier (lvl 4)
Profession (sailor) +6


Survival +7

Clavier is more of an Intimidate guy, really.

I think Orcana leveled up to level 2? If she's still level 1 then all she's got is Profession Sailor +4, if she's level 2 she's got Knowledge Geography +4 as well.
Vera Lvl 4

Professional (sailor) +7
No knowledge
Misha Lvl 3

Appraise +8
Craft(Ship) +8
Craft(Carpentry) +8
Knowledge(Arcana) +8
Knowledge(Dungeon) +8
Knowledge(Engineering) +5
Knowledge(Geography) +5
Knowledge(History) +5
Knowledge(Local) +5
Knowledge(Nature) +5
Knowledge(Nobles) +5
Knowledge(Planes) +8
Knowledge(Religion) +9
Linguistics +8
Preform(dance) +4
Perform(oratory) +3
Profession(Sailor) +4
Spellcraft +8
one skill we really really need is perform oratory. it seems like it'll be as important as profession sailor when it comes time to recruit. So I'm thinking the people with the highest charisma should probably put a rank or two into it.

We also really need high ranks in survival normally I would have a lot of ranks in survival but the "Used to civilzation" flaw gives me a -8.

Rather i think it this thread should be renamed "critical Stats"
but its really great to see the actual skill ranks, it'll help when not everyone can show up for sessions
I added Clavier's Survival +7 to my earlier post.
I am thinking of changing my new character Dysentery to Rooster, a Tengu Bard. There is another subspecies of Tengu that look like roosters. If that is OK with Brian. Think we need another song writer in Seaweed's memory.
Works for me. I think a bard is especially good choice for someone that can't make every session since bards are very synergistic, but not quite essential.
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Carsten -- that would be awesome!
Appraise +3
Bluff +3
Diplomacy +3
Disable Device +3
Heal +1
Intimidate +3
Knowledge: Geography +3
Perception +2
Profession: Sailor +8
Sense Motive +5
Sleight of Hand +5
Survival +3