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I like posting, as it's a good way to convery all the little character bits that we can't really do at the table. I don't have manibles to click at y'all. The rewards were nice, because they made the characters seem more heroic. Instead of failing that sav ing throw, and tering into a puddle of baddies, Pak'cha instead fails, and is stuck in place for another round. That isn't heroic. That is kinda lamerific. With the rerolls, and the additional d6s, there is a chance to have that awesome moment, where instead of falling just short, the characters as a whole continue to be able to either just manage to succeed, or try again, and fall -just- short. Which is alot of fun.

But at the same time, we shouldn't need the rewards to be awesome. We are badasses enough without them. (Or should be.)

Interested in the individual rewards per post. Looking forward into seeing how those work out. :)
Especially if they are related to the posts that reward them.
So last Sunday was a good game. Everyone showed up on time, and we started gamin by 12:00.

Combat was intense and at points during that combat I thought we were gonners. Even though I stayed dominated virtualy the whole fight it was still fun to see the Beholder taken down with good group tactics.

Looking back I think if we would have played our cards any differently it would have TPK'd easly. The fight with the beatles would have only weakend us... and not spreading the surges around would have taken Pak'a chu out of the fight early.

So all in all good game, no complaints, and had a fun time gamin!
Pak'Cha agrees that without the surges he would have been hurting.

That being said, we really were lucky with the Beholder, and our tactics are clearly lacking against things that we can't reach in melee, but despite that we managed to come out on top. Great job everyone!
Sooo... posts gotta be up by this Sunday to get a lvl right?

lets get it done.

Enough said, make me proud gents... make me proud..
Game was good. Fight was seriously tough, and it was a good encounter to send Sam out on.

However I think our party tactics could have used some work. Ill admit I didn't do the best, but I think a lot of us ended up stepping on each other's toes and missing out on many opportunities.

Its fun to do your own thing in combat without a group discussion, yet if your action is going to attack something that is already dead then maybe there is another option or route for you to go. Turns are constantly evolving and cannot be planned exactly, but we can always have a back up plan in mind.

Long story short I feel we spend a little to much time debating our tactics as a group. If we need help on a turn then ask and make it quick, but otherwise just do what you had planned keeping in mind not to step on each others toes.

Let me know if you guys agree, disagree, or want to add something else to the discussion. BooYA!
I blame Sam. Let's kick him out.
Is at a "Damnit Pak'cha, those minions were so my kill!!"? Lol. :)

Yeah. We don't have group tactics. We're kinda pionting everyone at the enemy and hoping we're better then they are, which isn't tactics so much as sheer dumb luck we've made it this far. (And a dm not jumping on every advantage possible.)

That being said- Great game, even though I died.
lol I don't think our Tactics are dumb luck. We do well, we just gotta tweak some things.

For starters here are some things I see.

Strikers work with the defender more and focus fire targets. Leader should always consider his second wind before using is minor to heal himself. I should melee more to spread group damage around, and especially now that Sam is gone.

Strikers are good at soloing targets, but are much better off working together with someone to down their target. We don't have the defenses and Hp that defenders have (unless your Shane) so we can get downed quickly and lose our effectiveness.
I'm likely going to nab sympathetic wind as a feat in future (lets someone use their wind if within five when I use mine) I know I should use it more often and this would help me to do so
Pak'cha was built with crowd control in mind. His main focus is attacking everything, or at least multiple targets. My base damage modifier is +7. If I roll a 1 for damage- Idon't crack double digits, where as if either of our other strikers rolls a one, they still hit the mid-20 range. :/
My "big" attack has a damage of 2d6+7
I have an immeadiate that lets me hit for 3d10+7, but I have to get hit in melee to use it.

Pak'cha is a controlly striker, that needs people in melee to work off of (combat advantage is really nice.) otherwise he kida stalls out, and does nothing.

I'm going to start retraining out of all of Pak'cha's speed stuff, and make him more durable, and self sufficent, healing wise. He's always one of the first to get entrentched in the thick of things, and usually the last to be dragged out.

And out tactics are alright, I guess- I should bave said our teamwork is failing.

Cory- get a post up, Pak's waitin' on ya.

My thoughts on party strategy in the future:

Myself or Shane with Crusher, depending if Ethan is here. If ethan is here both Sanquine and Pak have incredible movement and would be a good team together. one is good at group attacks, the other very good at single target damage.

Mat should try to take the center, allowing Solaris to always be within 5 of healing. we as strikers should not try to venture to far away unless absolutely necessary.

Any thoughts on these ideas? or maybe some better input?
Wait? I thought Pak'cha was dead???!!?!!
Can I play a changeling* bard? If not, Pak'cha is alove like I said at the end if the session last week.

Would be nice to have a healer in the party though. :P

Would be nice to have a healer in the party though. :P


I don't have a problem with a changeling skald, other than changelings not existing.. Curious as to why that race. Otherwise, like I mentioned in text, a small group benefits more from damage and control than multiple healers.
We have a leader- who heals sometimes. Not a healer. At least how I see it.
I think it could be fun to play a changling anything, but the bard really seems the best suited. He could look like the people he sings/tells stories about, for starters. And I think it'd be a fun character to play.