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Hello all, just doing a data dump on all the squirels in my head. Please review and comment if you have any opionions or ideas.

Group Size I wish to maintain a group of no larger than 5 but would like to stay as close to that as possible. I am very happy with the players I have now and how you all get along and work together so I will continue to be very protective of that. I am casually recruiting currently and am open to any suggestions you may have. I am pleased also with how well Skype is working with Dave and will continue to hold that spot for him as long as he is willing. The Skype thing will have to be maxed at one player though and only someone that has been in the group first at play sessions.

Campaign Length I wish to finish a second half of this current campaign were the characters have an opportunity to complete the goal of overthrowing the Bobugbubiltz worshipers in the valley. After that I plan to end the campaign. I like DCC RPG quite a bit and will discuss options for continueing long before the current one ends. My thought is to relaunch in a new area for another limited run. Should your current characters survive this run they would be set asside for a while till another campaign idea presented itself at which point they could resume trying to accomplish another limited goal. I intend to run everything upcoming in limited runs to keep it fresh and avoid watering down the game. This also keeps me excited and motivated which is both good and bad for you. :D

Game Breaks Since I like party and storyline continuity I will look at taking breaks when real life intrudes and causes player absence. At the current juncture a break makes sense as it will give me a channce to catch up a bit and recharge my battery while keeping Lucky Jack available some some big events. The shrinking party size was a concern for the upcoming challenges anyway and the wizard has proven to be a timely help too often to ignore.

That said it is still my goal to run if I have at least 2 players. Having a regular game and sticking with a schedule makes it possible to build a good game. To many breaks and such and the game falls apart. My commitment to the every other Wed. game is longterm.

For breaks themselves I am open to anything. I always have ideas for one shot or short games I can run. I also am very much open to any of my players wanting to run as well. Even changing location during the break is good by me if it helps one of you run a game. Curently I am working on Mechwarrior/Battletech, Rogue Trader, Twilight 2000, and my online 70's cop game ideas. I also recently purchased the Rise of the Runlords Pathfinder adventure path book. I get distracted easily by the squirels, shinny things, and whatnot.

That is it, let me know what you think. Thank you!

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Hi All,

I am getting mixed messages from the post and e-mails. Break or go for next week Wednesday?

I did see Jim the other day at the gallery. I think he has a girl friend now and is otherwise distracted. So unless he gives Robin an indication otherwise I don't think he'll be back.

The good news we have a prospective respite worker for Ben interviewing/meeting Ben this Thursday. If he works out it will free me up not only for gaming but maybe for the woods as well.

Illustrations will be uploaded later this week I hope.

We would break from the DCC RPG game, and hopefully play something else in the meantime.
Hi all! Take a look at this review and let me know what you think about the game!

Numenera Review
I'm intrigued. Monte Cook's stuff is always thought provoking and original. Interesting mechanic. It sounds like it gives the GM many options. With all those options, it might be easy to get off track. I'm game.
Sounds like a very interesting system and setting. I'd be up for it.
What works for the group is fine with me.