Icon_swordpin Guidelines for Posting In-Character

Here's some guidelines to follow when posting in-character. By following these guidelines none of us should get confused, in theory.

1. Make sure you are posting in-character. Just above the text editor it will ask you if you want to post as yourself or your character.

2. Please use parentheses "()" to impart out of character information, such as location of the discussion or any information you think the PCs should have, i.e. (This discussion is happening on deck).

3. Please use asterisks to impart movement or other actions of your character, i.e. *Benedict walks away from the discussion*

4. Unless specifically indicated out of character, assume someone is translating for you.

5. Only the GM should post out of character, especially if he needs to make a ruling or to calm the discussion down.

6. If rolls must be made they will be made by the GM.

7. The GM, at any time, may stop the discussion and move it in-game.

More guidelines may come if problems arise with in-character discussions.