...Use Epic Words

Greetings all,

Absolutely love this site, and I am having a blast getting my campaigns together.

While I realize I have a long way to go in mastering the use of this site, and I have also found a ton of information here in the forums, I am sure there is a lot I am missing.

By chance is there documentation for the site? For example, I saw mention of a Group Dashboard, but I am not sure what this is (is it the dashboard on the main page of my campaigns?); can I perform searches in the forums (I don't see where to do this, though I could just be half-blind). Are there other cool features I am missing just because I don't know they exist?

Many thanks for any direction provided.

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There is currently no search that I am aware of but you can go to google and use this query: site:www.epicwords.com/forums (whatever you want to search for)

Here is an example how do I use the WIKI
There's a search box on down the right-hand menu a ways. I'm not sure it's categorized like I'd prefer, nor do it's results display in an especially useful way, but it's there.
Thank you kindly for the replies.

I don't mind learning an app/tool through help menus, forums etc; and I hope my search skills aren't too pathetic. I was just curious if there was a search function specific to the forums. S'all good though.

I was also hoping for something like the features list on Epic Worlds home page but a bit more fleshed out. No complaints: as I said, I love the site and I can't believe how inexpensive it is for what you get.

Thanks everyone for pitching in on this. I'd like to throw in a couple things:

1. I'm planning on creating a site help wiki. I'll be conscripting certain users to help flesh it out.

2. Forum search... um... yeah. That one's been giving me problems for a while. Every time I turn it on, it crashes the entire site. But! I've worked out a fix, so I'll be turing it on again, soon. In the mean time, the suggestion to use google to search is a great idea!