Journals & Comments

What if the date of a Journal Post changed its sort based on comments. For example a Journal Post from last week moves back to the top following a comment made today.

What does everyone think?

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Not a fan unless it's optional. A journal should be chronological, that's kinda the point. Imagine trying to catch up because you missed a few sessions and everything is jumbled that way.

I can see the appeal for PBM/PBF games though. A few sorting and filtering options - like only showing entries by NPC/Character x - would be nice anyway.

Ya the more i think of it i agree.

You are correct very much nedddd for pbp p.

Sorting and filtering options for the journal makes sense to me. I'll put it on the list.
I'd like to strongly stress for the need for sorting and filtering for journals.
I'd also like to have a way for new readers to easily jump back to the beginning of our story, and read the journals chronologically, instead of having to scroll to the bottom of an entry, then upwards to find the next entry.
It would make replacement players catch up to where the story is so far, as well as making jumping back to reference entries easier.