How much money does the party have?

Discuss how much money the group has here. Lisa, if you could tally what you've got so far and comment here, that would be great. I'll cross reference that with what was possible to get to this point and see how it looks. I'll have to go back through all 3 adventure books. It will take me a bit but not too bad. After that, perhaps we quickly split up the gold on the spot so we each person always knows what they have so they can buy items as needed regardless of who shows up to play.
>> dorshe1:
>> How much gold is there in the treasury? I would not mind gearing up / exchanging if possible. I have cool armor, but I have my eye on a different blade.

>> Thanks!

Not sure Nate. Been talking to Mike via separate email and he indicated that he believes we have plenty. We might need to ask our wonderful, excellent, awesome, cool... did I say awesome?? "note taker" to do some homework for us lazy scoundrels. It would be nice to know.