Changing character ownership.

For those of us who want to offer some pregenerated characters, it would be awfully handy to be able to create a character and then transfer ownership to another EpicWords member some way.

Or even better, some way for a DM to share a character with a member such that they could both update the character data, but the DM could "repossess" the character later if a player left the game and someone new joined and wanted to play it.
OH my now that is a really creative option.


This goes along the line the GM should get more access to characters, with a user consent box or something.

Something like this might be nice to help new players (new to both Epicwords and or to tabletop rp'ing in general).

Also, as more players meet and play online, it's harder to contact them if they drop-out and some limited ability to 'reposses' a character could help clear in game happenings.
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Yes please!!!
Sounds like a good idea. Co-ownership of a character might be possible.