Loot Weight

Can you add a weight column to loot?

It would behave a lot like currency; the units (lbs/g) would be a campaign property, and it would be tracked per unit (arrows(50) at .015 lbs each (7.5 lbs) ).

I would also want a "carried" checkbox (or I could use "equipped"), which determines in the item's weight should be included in the grand total. Probably should be checked by default.

I know most GMs don't nitpick about weight, but it's handy to have:
* An easy way to tell if you are encumbered.
* An easy way for a GM to tell if the "unassigned party loot" is more than can be reasonably carried amongst the group.

Where this breaks down is the fact that there's only one coin type.
When a GM gives out "50,000 cp" (ha ha) they can input it as loot (rather than coin) until the party gets to town and can coinstar it.

What I don't know is if the coin field in epic words should track weight. I'm guessing not. If you make the habit of assuming this is liquidated loot, then it'll be in the most efficient coin/gem combination, and the weight is negligible.
Weight, amongst other Loot-esque functions, were being discussed in this thread.

I think it's already on the great Admin Index of To-do's.

I agree though -- I don't use weight, simply because it's such a chore to keep adding and subtracting with pen-n-paper. If it could be done here it would alleviate most of the hassle.
EDIT: In realizing that not all systems are the same..... there might need to be a check mark to change the word 'weight' to 'slots' since - for the sake of conversion - a few games go by bulk (slots) rather then how much something actually weighs.
Could just call it "encumbrance" and let the GM set the units to lb, kg, slots, or what have you.

Cool that it's on the to-do list. Doesn't sound like a trivial change.

Score! Yes, encumbrance is far more encompassing.

Yeah, it's another set of data for the items to carry...
Weight does become complicated when converting between system. Even Lbs. vs Kg is bad enough. Factoring in 'slots' and other esoteric metrics becomes difficult. But I do plan to implement this.