Session comments & names

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It was a beast, noise level, talk over, attention, etc.

I have resurrected some of my older house rules about laptops, missing sessions without letting us know, being ready with powers or delay, etc.

Much more important in a group this size.

Actually this week one of my biggest lap top users did not show, so no worries.


How tough was it for you James to take 11 players last time i played was sunday 2 poeple showed it was harsh i was unconces for have of one battle

How about as the people accept the accept puts the player on the list.

The list looks like

1. Player
2. Player
3. Player
4. Player
5. Player
A. Player
B. Player
C. Player

1 thru 5 is how many slots the GM picked and A thru C is the standby players?

So basically when a player hits accept, that name is filled from top to bottom.

I think this would be great!
I like it. It would actually make things pretty simple for me.
Well cool do it if u can
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