Women's secrets of lesbianism.

Let's talk about what many people think about, but prefer to remain silent — about female bisexuality and lesbianism. To begin with, let's define the concepts: bisexuality is the possession of properties characteristic of both sexes, as well as sexual and emotional attraction to both sexes. Lesbianism — female homosexuality; sexual intercourse of a woman with a woman. Where did these phenomena come from?

Who is inclined to homosexual relations, and who is not? Why are men so attracted and excited by women making love to each other? Let's turn to the origins — the reasons for the appearance of female bisexuality and lesbianism.Psychoanalysts and sexologists have not yet come to a common opinion about the causes of homosexuality and bisexuality. Unfortunately, most of the research conducted in this area is unofficial or too exaggerated. The inability to find the "male gene" in the female body — the cause of lesbianism, leaves many questions open.

It is not known for certain whether a person's sexual orientation is genetically laid down, or whether we ourselves change our preferences regarding who to go to bed with during our life. However, this does not prevent the existence of three theories of the origin of female homosexuality.

Biological theory

From a biological point of view, women need a fairly long period of preliminary bodily caresses, foreplay to arouse. Sharp, strong, impatient and too fast men are aimed mainly at the final result, and not at the process itself, and often can not provide the necessary tenderness to their partner.

And lesbian love is characterized by quite long preludes and consists almost exclusively of them. That is why lesbian games are so attractive for women who crave long hugs and longer sexual contact with a partner.

Evolutionary theory

Proponents of the evolutionary theory explain the widespread female bisexuality as follows: since ancient times, men were breadwinners and fighters. They fought not only for the prey, but also for the woman, and among themselves. Therefore, the relationship between the two men is still hostile and competitive to this day.

While men were busy fighting for the right to possess a woman, the weak half of humanity had no choice but to satisfy their sexual desires with each other. The result of such homosexual activity was that the children of these women had a bisexuality gene.

This theory not only explains the origins of lesbianism from a genetic point of view, but also explains the reason for the prevalence of female homosexuality, and not male.

Sociological theory

For many centuries, a woman has been the object of care and lust, she is allowed almost everything — including physical contact with another woman. Female love is more "clean" and hygienic, it rarely provides for anal sex, unlike male homosexuality.

Society often condemned and shamed gay men, and treated lesbians more or less tolerably. Moreover, female bisexuality has always been common in harems and polygamous marriages. And harems, as you know, are allowed in some cultures today, which means that lesbianism is also allowed.
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