Gay dating and meeting.

The "supernatural" ability of gays to instantly figure out their own kind, no matter how they try to hide their belonging to the "theme".
This sixth sense, allegedly inherent in all gays from birth, is called "heydar" - from the words "gay" and "radar". Of course, in fact, there is nothing supernatural in this ability - it's all about developed observation and training. In fact, we must remember that the gay world is no less diverse in terms of human types than the straight world, so there is no reliable way to determine a person's sexual orientation (especially at first glance)!
What we have written below is not advice on how to "glue" a nice guy. Rather, clues to help determine that you and your potential new acquaintance have the prospect of a closer relationship than a "strong male friendship."
"Three types of people can be distinguished by their eyes - spies, drug addicts and homosexuals" - this statement by an unknown author is rather controversial. Nevertheless, gay men do look into each other's eyes and shake hands longer than straight people.
Forget about external signs (for example, a wedding ring on your finger) and look the guy directly in the eyes. Look closely for a few seconds without blinking, as if you want to burn a hole in it with your gaze. If he lowers his eyes, it means that he is afraid of what might happen if he looks at you with the same intent. If he averts his eyes to the side, then, most likely, you are not interested in him, or this is ostentatious indifference. If he answers you with the same understanding look, then you have hit the spot! Shooting with the eyes is the first step towards closer acquaintance. Likewise, if you are interested in a guy, then try not to let go of his hand when shaking hands for a little longer than usual, or first squeeze hard, then slightly release, and then squeeze harder again, while looking straight into the eyes.
Now that "natural" guys have begun to take care of their appearance sometimes, it has become much more difficult to distinguish wheat from chaff. Most gays (those who want to make a good impression) dress very well, and are neat and trendy. Clothes and haircut are the most important thing. It is known that it is often gays who usually start a new direction in fashion or style. Gays have a style. Most of my "straight" friends don't have it. In addition, there are a number of "clues" that are usually perceived in the mass consciousness as attributes of gay people: tight jeans of a well-known company (for example, Levis 501 or Wrangler) and the same "sticky" T-shirt, a baseball cap with a back visor with a forelock protruding from the front, mesh shirt or T-shirt, in summer - super-short denim shorts with a fringed bottom, streaked hair, earrings in the ears, hair styled with mousse, a noticeable smell of expensive eau de toilette, etc. Of course, none of these signs individually and even several in aggregate may be completely unrelated to "blueness", nevertheless, their presence makes one think!
Observe a guy whose orientation you are interested in. When there is no one next to him, who does he look at? If he pays most of his attention to men, then ... remember who you are watching? :-) (this experience goes especially well in the metro, for example, on an escalator).
Some of the men are a little bit "feminine". Too prolonged "a", soft tones of voice, smoothness of speech - all this adds up to what is usually called "blue" intonations. This is one of the most faithful signs, almost all gay acquaintances hear these shades in conversation.
The same applies to gestures. Manneriness manifests itself in different ways. It can be intense gesticulation, smoothness of hand movements (which is almost always absent in "straight people"), and extraordinary flexibility of the fingers. Watch the way your object of attention holds the glass or cigarette. How he sits down or gets up. How to take off and put on outerwear. Of course, I do not mean that the man is painted and behaves like a prostitute, but believe me, there is something elusive.
Another sign: is he married? Most gays don't get married, so if a man is in his 30s and is not married, rarely (if ever) dates, then most likely he is one of us. By the way, even married gay men rarely wear wedding rings. The reader noted that "married gays rarely talk about their wives, more often about their children."
Speaking of rings, let me remind you that there are at least two sure signs of belonging to the gay movement: a ring made of any metal on the little finger of any hand and a ring of three colors of gold on any finger.
One of our readers adds: “I wear a silver ring on the ring finger of my left hand;
In the modern world, gay dating is very common and no one is ashamed of it as before. There are now different reviews where you can choose a gay dating platform. I think you better see full list on and see everything with your own eyes! Hope this is exactly what you were looking for when you entered this site!
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