what is the time limit for an accident at work claim.

Every employer is responsible for providing a hazard-free environment for work. Sometimes even the extreme precautions taken cannot protect an employee from an uncertain accident at work. In some cases, the employer is deemed to be the main instigator of the accident at work. That is the point where you can file an accident at work claim.

Time limit for filing an accident at work claim:

The maximum time limit for filing an accident at work is three years from the date of the accident. If you have suffered a loss in an accident at work in terms of your treatment costs or loss of earnings. You can file a claim of compensation for the loss sustained. The day you face an accident at work you need to mark it. Make notes of all important happenings related to the accident. Collect relevant evidence to prove your innocence and negligence on part of your employer. Make sure it's not your fault in the accident at work. It might take 4-8 months to resolve your case and get your compensation amount if your case is simple. However, the time period might increase if the case is complicated and it is difficult to decide who was at fault. Hiring an injury claims specialist may also reduce the time frame to get your compensation amount.

Hire a claims management company for filing work injury claim:

If you have been a survivor of an accident at work. You may file an accident at work claim within three years of the accident. You may be required to submit evidence of your injury at work. We have a team of experts who are fully aware of the claim filing process. We know which strings to pull. Our specialists will be dealing with your employers insurance liability. The goal will be to achieve the maximum amount of compensation for your injury claim.

Featuring no win no fee:

We have an exemplary feature of no win no fee. That escalates that we do not charge any fee until we help you attain the maximum amount of compensation for your work injury claim.

Evidence required:

The following evidence can prove to be worthy enough in achieving your claim amount.

Get medical treatment bills as a record
Photographs of your injuries
Photographs of the defective machinery, equipment that might cause the accident
Proof of any intimation to the human resource department. Any application submitted to them regarding the things going wrong.
Gather eyewitnesses if any
A CCTV footage if available

These evidence help to prove your case favourably. It becomes easier for our experts to deal with the guilty party.

Hence it is concluded that there is an ample amount of time to file the claim of work injury. It is not necessary to file the claim immediately. You may acquire the medical treatment and after you feel healthy enough, join your office. Gather evidence, make notes and approach a claims management company. Lawswood claims is the best for this purpose. You may approach us any time within three years of the work injury.