Icon_swordpin Highlights of This Campaign

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Heroes of Kvatch uncover Thalmor conspiracy to turn blades agents into assassins.
Hammer Fell sends agents into Cyrodiil to determine if they are strong enough to begin the fight against the Thalmor once more.
Emperor was befuddled for past year due to use of the staff of Jagar Tharn.
Blades and Hammerfell agents set him free.
Blades restored to trust and service.
College of Whispers proven to be worm cultists. The Synod proven to be working with the Thalmor, sending countless magical artifacts to The Dominion.
Mages Guild Restored. College of Whispers and The Synod declared enemies of The Empire. College of Winterhold officially allies with The Mages Guild. Mages Guild joins the fight against The Dominion. Mages of High Rock openly turn against Thamor “Advisors”. They free many mage prisoners from Thalmor captivity.
Secret agreement with Hammerfell formed.
High King of Skyrim declared. Marries Elisif The Fair to unify the land. Emperor attends wedding and openly wears the symbol of Talos. Thalmor attempt assassination.
Thalmor Embassy in Skyrim and throughout Cyrodiil and High rock simultaneously attacked and destroyed.
War declared.
Brothers and Sisters of Skyrim march south with the Emperor to join the armies of Cyrodiil.
Thalmor Armada harassing West coasts cities, blockading and burning where they can. They begin operation to deploy troops along Cyrodiil West Coast.
Plan of Thalmor to have surviving Snow Elves crush Skyrim coastal cities with giant wave foiled. Snow elves left distrusting Thalmor and retreat to island refuge.
Assassination attempt of leaders of Hammerfell foiled.
Proof that Thalmor mages brought Alduin back to the world brought to Paathurnax.
Horn of Jurgen Windcaller used atop the throat of the world to call dragons and remind them of ancient pact. Flight of Dragons destroys Thalmor Armada. Joint Cyrodiil and Hammerfell fleet break remnants of Thamor Armada on coasts of High Rock.
Secret mission to contact anti-Thalmor forces on Summerset isles is fruitful.
Secret mission to find Battlespire is complete success. Battlespire contains descendants of original Shadow Legion who have been training to defend Tamriel. They also have a direct heir to the Septim Line.
Battlespire Portal to Mages Guild in Imperial City restored.
Emperor Titus Mede II assassinated by Thalmor Agents.
Shadow Legion saves the high council and secures Imperial City.