Characters or Guests

Hey quick question, I just posted a campaign calendar event for my game next week. This went out to all the players that have characters, however it will not go to the game shop owner who runs the shop.

Any thought on having a guest status invite to the campaign? This should allow the shop owner to receive calender events, private messages browse the forums.

Also I can invite players to trial the game/site as a guest without a character.

I am struggling with the gaming group vs the campaign, because I could switch back to the gaming group and post the event twice however this seems clunky. I have also noticed contrary to my request most of the players joined the campaign not the group.

Anyway open to feedback maybe an easy approach I am missing.


Or maybe the campaign calendar event could have a check box that allows it to show/inform on the group site as well? Maybe an easier cleaner approach just don't know if the tech supports the thought?

This would mean if you check mark this event then it would show on the group site and would inform members of the group as well. May encourage group members to finally join and make their character, but I still like the idea f guest status for the campaign. Not something that would appear under xp or loot. But they could post to the forums, and maybe/maybe not journals.

What does everyone think?

This is an interesting use case I had not considered. I did plan for the other way around, though. You can create a calendar event in a gaming group and then move it into a campaign. The use case behind this is:

A group of players meets every tuesday night. There are two or three campaigns that run on tuesdays. Which campaign we play depends on who can show up. We schedule a session in the gaming group and when enough people RSVP and we determine which game we'll play, we move the session into the appropriate campaign.

I like the idea of allowing guests to be invited and join a campaign. I assume you would want them to have "Player" level permissions? or would that involve a new permission level... Hmmm... Much to think about.
I understand. I went to a new gaming shop recently and we were talking about our weekly games. She asked me how many show up and I mentioned between 6-8.

She said she has about the same number 6-8 tables! This was a reminder to me that the world is different. The encounters events are a great leap forward for the gaming industry, however they are not the same as our weekly ongoing campaign with majority of same players and a couple of slots that cycle with my game and my friend game being set in the same setting/world each week.

I realized another way to look at it is the star trek episodic shows vs. a Babylon 5 or battle star that has arching stories that stretch years forward and shadow back. Just a world that I am learning to come to terms with. Neither is wrong just 2 sides of the same coin.

I will experiment with the group event next week and moving it to the campaign if I understood.

I think for ease and speed guests to have the same permissions as players, maybe just filter/hide their names from xp / loot ( or not if it is too involved ).

I think this could be a great new feature, but as always I am a tad bias to my new features.

Game on and happy new year!
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