"Sell" Item type

One of the frustrating things I've noticed on my gaming group is getting folks to agree on what to sell. Our party loot list gets chalk full of garbage.

Can we get an Item Type called "Sell"?

The idea is, the players can go through the list and change the item type to sell, and then the other players can filter on that type and claim anything they want to keep before it's too late.
Alternately, could there be a "Sell" that we can assign loot to as its owner?

Items default to "Party" (which is great, as it means it needs to be divvied), and then we can either claim it, or assign it to Sell.

In campaigns in the past, one of the players made an extra PC named "Sell", and that worked really well. It'd be nice to have that in a way that doesn't eat a character slot.
You can already do something like this.

1. Have the DM Edit the campaign.
2. Select the Loots tab.
3. Under "Use the following flags for loot:" select one of the four custom flags and type "Sell".
4. Now, items can be sorted by the "Sell" flag.

This system assumes that you allow players to edit items on the loot page to be able to set or unset the flag. Otherwise, only the GM can.
That looks like it'll get me what I need, thanks.

Is anyone else having issues with the filters? It seems like when I go to the next page on the loot list, it forgets what filter flags I had checked.