How to game on the Internets

As you all know, the internets, or "net" as it's called, is a series of tubes...

Anyway, here's what you need to know to connect to the weekly game.

1)Install Mumble from Mumble.

2.Configure Mumble with the following information: ( and the port is 64738. The password is sharknado.

3. Download and install d20Pro. d20 Pro website

4. You want to join a game.

5. The port is 10101 (I think that's default).

6. The IP address is actually a URL. Put in and you should be able to connect to the server (if I have it up, usually 20-30 minutes before start of game).

7. Epic Words contains all the info you need for the game, including XP, treasure, lore, and current quests.