Icon_swordpin Character Creation and House Rules

1. Ability Scores: Ability Scores will be purchased using the rules in Pathfinder using 25 Points (Epic Fantasy).

2. Only STANDARD Races are available to new characters. These are Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, Half Orc, and Human.

3. Available starting classes are as follows: All Core Classes (Barbarian; Bard; Cleric; Druid; Fighter; Monk; Paladin; Ranger; Rogue; Sorcerer; and Wizard) and all Base Classes except Gunslinger (Alchemist; Cavalier; Inquisitor; Magus; Oracle; Summoner; and Witch). NOTE: Summoner is NOT recommended for reasons you will come to understand.

4. Class Archetypes are acceptable.

5. Hit Points are max at level 1. Average Hit Points thereafter.

6. Take maximum starting cash appropriate for your class.

7. Characters progress on the Medium Experience Track.

8. These rules (at least #2 and #3) are for new starting characters. If a player wishes to change characters down the road, or is forced to, exceptions may be granted.

9. When characters gain enough experience to go up a level, they must spend (1.5*New Level) days in town training, learning spells, etc.