Last Will & Testament

True Believers!

Canoness, if you are reading this then know thus that I have fallen in the face of true evil. Know that I fought valiantly and steadfast. I write this hastily during my watch in this campsite of the trapper Old Dell and slipped it into the hem of one of his many pelts in hopes that once found will be brought directly to you - for Old Dell has spun a yarn of winged evil in the moathouse so I implore you to carry out these final wishes.

I bequeath all my worldly possessions to the Church of St. Cuthbert in the hopes that this small pittance will help to provide for my first cousin, Heurequeque. He will undoubtedly arrive on your doorstep upon news of my demise and seek redress. Know that he is a chaotic evil Thief-Acrobat so under no circumstances give to him the +3/+4 holy bastard sword.

I was yours, but now I am his, on high!


Kilkennard the Dragon-killed.
Epic × 2!