Icon_swordpin Going Forward

Ethan let me know this week that he will be bowing out for the foreseeable future due to both work and family stuff. With Cory's schedule and impending spawn stopping him from making games, that brings us to the three in-house players and Digi-Sam. We have had the discussions on bringing the Dark Sun game to a close, but I think we would be better off in just setting the book back on the shelf for a while and maybe coming back to it at a future date. I have spoke with Shane & Gabe today (and Matt at an earlier date) and it looks like we are all in agreement that trying out some alternative games would be a fun distraction for a while. Gabe has also mentioned a friend of his might be interested in trying out some games, and Dan (Cory's brother-in-law is slowly wearing down his reluctance).

So, having said that, here are some suggestions to open up dialogue on what we could play:

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game
Dungeon World
Leverage The RPG
Firefly The RPG

Less likely, but also options:

Prime Time Adventures
13th Age

The forum is open to suggestions. What I'd like to see is us trying to only do one-shots for a while. Let's do something different each week, that way we get a taste of various games. Also, anyone wanting to try their hand at running a game is welcome to step up and volunteer.

Being this weekend is Mother's Day, it's safe to say Sunday is out of the picture. However, Gabe and I were thinking a Saturday night board game night would be cool, if anyone's interested.


I don't see any thoughts...
Kk, guys, haven't heard anything from anyone. What's everyone's interest? I don't think we want to just go on hiatus.

I, myself would like to either do some dungeon world or the marvel game. If I don't see comments, I'll assume no go for this weekend, too.
I wont be available this week (18th) or next week (25th) as i'll be visiting california. As for games i'm interested in trying, Always down for dungeon world or something new.

I know i've heard lots of talk of sorcerer but also remember part of that talk being about how difficult it can be to get it started and going. If we are lacking interest in these types of games I do know at the end of the month the new mario kart is coming out the end of this month and i'm willing to bring my system over so we can hook it up and do some free for all racing on it (Heck we can teach the munchkins how to blue shell people to!)

Anyhow that is my $.02 for what it is worth (not sure on current exchange rate anymore)
Ack!! No luck right now.

When we do get something scheduled, Drew is interested in joining. Let me know when and what a bit ahead of time.
I'm thinking dungeon world or marvel this Sunday.
We are still on right?