More Alternate Spellings

Would it be an easy thing to add more than two "alternate spelling" options to references? Two ends up being too limiting for my uses.

How so?

Plurals take up one slot already. If a reference has one actual alternate spelling, there isn't even enough room for the plural form of that spelling. And if a term has an adjectival form, there's not really a place for that either.

For example, say I have an entry for "wood elf".
The plural is "wood elves".
A wood elf is also known as a "green elf".
There are my 2 alternate spelling slots.
Yet I have no place for "green elves" or "wood elven" or "sylvan".

Or say I have a god named "Barra" who is both the "God of Thunder" and the "God of Justice". I no longer have any room for the adjective "Barran" to describe the faith of Barra.