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So, that was a good run! I appreciate the time and effort you guys all put into the game. It was fun for me to run!

That said I am ready to move on to a new game system. As I want you guys immersed and excited about the game I want your ideas on what would be fun to play. So two requests: 1) what one shot should we play on the 4th? &. 2) What game system or setting do you want to try next?

As far as two weeks from now one of the first things that pops to mind is the Star Wars mini game. I'd be happy to help Chad with the Dark side while Clint could help Robin run the deluded Rebel Alliance. Otherwise I am "game" for anything.

Afterwards I will offer two options I'd be happy to GM. That would give Robin a chance to take a players seat if he would like.

1. I could run the Central City Campaign I posted a couple of months ago.

2. I could dust of "the ultimate opportunity to meta-game." For fifteen years I ran a weekly campaign with two players who were in from start until I moved to the Madison area and about a dozen other players throughout the years in the face to face. You are all pretty good fellow story writers so this could be a lot of fun.

Sorry Chad, for both I'd use HERO as a rule mechanic. HERO has a reputation for rules tuning, sure that can happen but over the years I have gotten pretty good at either screwing with or reforming "rules freaks."

I like the system because of its flexibility, you can do anything and keep game balance with minimal tweaking. One advantage for Chad might be the dice mechanics follow a roll high, roll low so either you wouldn't hit a lot and do a lot of damage or you'd be handing out paper cuts left and right.

For superheros there is the fun of massive fist fulls of dice from time to time. Not that I am trying lay down a challenge but the most I have ever rolled while playing is 31d6. For "normals" the hit location system with a little tweaking makes for some good dice based drama both coming and going.

Otherwise if the shiny objects catching your eye Robin are calling too strongly, I'm game for anything.

Ahhhh, stuffed full of turkey and content..... Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1). Star Wars works though that can go fast. Perhaps a board game in reserve? Other votes or suggestions? I have the D&D Next play test with a couple adventures for it....

2). Things I would like to run next, Numenera, Star Blazers, FATE Core GI Joe, Rogue Trader, Dungeon World, Basic D&D in Greyhawk, and of course Battletech. Playing HERO would be fine too.

I will check back here on Sunday and total up the ideas and set the Weds. game. If you guys vote that is! Now for another piece of pie.....

Here are my thoughts on what we do next.

1. Robin, it is your house so I am up for whatever.
2. I like Star Wars X-Wing for next week. We can play a couple games if it goes fast. Mark is correct, we would be the Imperials and the rebels would die horribly. Robin, I'll bring my TIE fighter swarm and see how you fare this time!
3. I like the idea of playing a rules set designed with a mechanic that supports Robin's style of narrative themed games. DCC is great, but it was a challenge at time to use "skills". With that said I like the Numeria idea.
4. I have only played Hero/Champions once and it was with a goof running it. I had fun, but it had nothing to do with the game and everything to do with the guys I played with. Mark has put some work into this already. I think Mark should run us through a game for a few sessions (2-4). This would give Robin a break and let him (and all of us) get the rules, read them and prep for a Numeria campaign. We could come back to Mark's game if Robin needs a break down the road.
What ever works, works for me...
Thus far no luck in getting more venison sausage...

I'd be up for X-wing. I've wanted to try it. I have other board games I'll bring just in case.
Thank you everyone, your responses are appreciated.

1) Star Wars this coming Weds. The galaxy shall know freedom again, long live the Rebellion! Clint is on deck with a backup board game.

2) Mark, you are up for Hero! I have cleared the big chair for you, it is yours for the next 2-4 games. Let us know what you need from us.

3) I will run Numenera after Mark's game. I will use our world, though how much of it shows through.... I will get the players guide PDF for you all so you need buy nothing. Let me know if you have questions.

See you there!
which of the two genres...

Central City


"One Day Not to Unlike Today"

PS I hope that "Newon" has laid a good basis for the start of the "next age."
Whichever is easiest to jump in on. I opened the rulebook and my head hurts already again. Do you have pregens or something set up we could jump in on?
Central City is a "new sandbox" I have some ideas that I think would be cool but I would prefer not to work with pre-gens.

With the "One Day" character generation would be a lot quicker (less points to worry about or fuss with) and would allow for a unique set of "gamesmanship" that I am hoping you will all enjoy. The "pregens" exist already, sorta. But I would prefer not to discuss in detail until you decide to "go with this option." Character generation for this campaign should take about a half an hour face to face, if any of you are at all "problematic."

Dave did put some thought into his Character for Central City. The rest of you have names and some very loose concepts. I can help generate characters through the campaign interface but it would require active participation in the next couple of weeks. The way I start new campaigns is a bit like starting with a marble on top of a gently sloping cone. The initial conditions determine everything.

While I have quite a bit of time invested in the Central City Wiki I would need player investment. The rules are not a problem at least for me. But for a decent superhero run it does require strong concept translation to characters. Otherwise it becomes a tangle of "optimized points."

For the "one day" your personal investment time would be markedly less. For that matter if we have some slack time after the Empire wipes the scum of the "rebel alliance" from space that should be enough time. I would bring Dave up to speed before the next game session.

Either way I'm sure it will all be fine.... Insert devil face emoticon here.

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