Weds. Next rules.

So I am thinking about the end of this campaign as it is in sight. Specifically what I want to run next. Start thinking about what you have always wanted to do and share.

Also, I am liking the Fate Core rules and am thinking that they might be what I want to try next. A review: REVIEW

Take a quick read and let me know what. You think...
So no Champions?

Looks like a pure sandbox, what evil thoughts are running through your head?
Not necessarily. I like planning ahead and I plan on running after this campaign ends and after a short break. I'll let you guys decide when we are done with DCC RPG. We have run for over a year in this game so I am ready to try something different. I want to keep this world on the back burner and revisit it for one off's or later development of another campaign or both. Even perhaps as a future style game as well.

What I am interested in today, this morning....

Fate Core (perhaps in Arth, or as the GI Joe campaign, or Robotech, or as a Fringe/x-files game)


Dungeon World

Fantasy Flights Star Wars (Chad made me page through the rule book in the store last week so this one is his fault)

Rogue Trader

Time of War Battletech

Spirit of the Century

Call of Cuthulu

Star Blazers

As you can see, lots bumping around in my head. In this round I want to plan out a campaign arc with an end defined. I have wanted to try this for a while. Also want to do a much more character based campaign generation. I love the funnel but want to try a different approach for character depth and with plot hooks determined more by you guys. I tend to drag my group towards epic so want to frame things better so I don't end up there again unless the group wants to.

Just thinking ahead a bit.