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Yes- but Crusher rarely misses anyhow, with such a massive bonus to hit, he can roll a three and still hit the high twenties- the movement is harder to come though, even if it's a charge. Iunno, both have their strong points. But it doesn't seem like an addition bonus to hit is that powerful, and we really need the healing focus more often then the damage focus. We do plenty of damage- but if more then one person goes down we're kinda fucked.
after talking with gabe and shane a bit last night I think i'm going to stick with trailblazing. The augments on it are both useful (very rare) and the ability will actually see play, something that I am genuinely worried that mindlink strike won't see due to it requiring some heavy duty positioning just to be usable (melee 1 needs to honestly be replaced with melee weapon, house rule perhaps dustin? :P)
So what are we all thinking about for Paragon paths? I was going to go with the Falling Needle Itinerant path, for extra movement type things, but now having died, I think I need to take Ghost Walker.

Run down for Falling Needle Itinerant at 11th level

And a run down for Ghost Walker at 11th level

Thoughts? Pretty sure I'm going Ghost Walker, but I'd like some feedback if anyone is interested. :)
Story wise (which is the ONLY thing that matters) ghost walker is fucking awesome. The increased overland speed is awesome, but it fails in all other areas compared to ghost walker.
I agree. :) But I was asking to mainly see what everyone else was going for. :P

And yeah. Scary Pak'cha.
Incandescent champion here I think. The one with radiant damage options and glowing stuff lol. Fit story wise and gave a few useful mechanics to
I don't really get much choice, but: Vampire Noble: Beguiler Bloodline

Bluff for combat advantage as a minor, more damage to things I have cb on, more bluff (good luck ever figuring out I am not a human now npc losers!), a massive +4 to attacks made with action points (which I now also gain when anyone of you falls to 0!!!!) I also get +10 resist any of choice when I ap >:)

Side note: level 11 is the new level 1. We are in for some good beatings...as Matt would say “Here I come, baby. Clench those cheeks. Yeah!”

In light of this, the new party motto should be: "Go down hard; go down often!"


PS I would also recommend everyone study their lvl 11 sheet at least a few times over the next couple days. 11 can be a big bump in character mechanic complexity.
Agreed with everything Shane said, above. And I'm all outta astroglide.
What? Study?!? This isn't school. You ain't the boss of me!

But that is a good point. Action point things, and are gunna be tricksy, and we'll have better odds of hitting stuff, and then dying. :)
Send me your level 11 character files please. It's very likely that you'll level up tomorrow.
So, I want to pretend I have a paragon-level character...

Lifespirit Healing would give me a second healing surge and save to give to an ally within 5, off of my second wind. Otherwise I'm sure I could find something else to do with it.

Or, Dwarven Durability, two more surges and add Con mod to my surge value.

Paragon Path:
Guardian of Two Worlds

Guardian Trick (11th level): When you spend an action point to gain an extra action, if you are in guardian form, you can make your guardian form attack with that action even if you have already made that attack this encounter.

Tangling Wild (11th level): While you are in guardian form, any enemy marked by you that starts its turn adjacent to you is slowed until the end of its next turn.

11th level power would be 2[W] and immob. any marked adjacent enemy for a turn.

Better control for me from this path, with some additional self-support and ally support benefits.

Emerald Guardian (Dark Sun, anti-defiler, form)

Distracting Action (Emerald Guardian) (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, one ally adjacent to you before or after you take the action can shift his or her speed as a free action.

Primal Blessing (11th level): When you succeed on a saving throw at the start of your turn, one ally adjacent to you can make a saving throw with a +2 bonus.

The attack would be 3[W], and teleport the target if they moved away, also giving me a free basic attack after the teleport. (Defiler's Doom, haha)

But alas... A man can dream... A man can dream... *sigh*
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