The year is 2035 and the world had seen a major influx of changes within the past 20 years, however none of it compares to what is coming. Something dark and terrible is brewing on the fringes of society, growing like mold in the musty place of the world. Though most don't realize it yet, the soon to be epidemic has its birthplace in San Francisco. Therein the worst of is being birthed and with it comes the threat of world changing events.

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Nuclear Warhead Devastates Tabriz
January 16th, 2035

A megaton class thermonuclear warhead denoted just outside of Tabriz, Iran yesterday at 6:34 pm PST; a shock that has been heard around the world. The destruction came without warning or explanation and even now, authorities are trying to determine the actual source of the destruction. Originally thought to be caused by a nuclear meltdown, this was quickly rectified to an actual detonation of warhead due to location and destruction. Though on the outer edge of the city, initial reports are estimating an initial death toll of over a million people with many more possible. Due to their many years of conflicts, officials in Iran are pointing at Israel as the source behind the attack. Israel leaders have yet to release any official statement other than that the warhead was not fired by them. With the situation between the two nations extremely tense already, this may prove to be the final straw, regardless of who the guilty party actually are.

Several western nations have already announced that humanitarian aid would be provide to the people of Tabriz, however even these world leaders are being cautious of the possible implication of war between Israel and Iran, and the threat this could have to civilians sent in to assist.

The once capital of Iran, Tabriz is home to many ancient buildings and landmarks, including the World Heritage Site and the Iron Museum. It us unknown at this time the full extent of the damage, though initial reports have mentioned a swath of total desolation 2 miles wide, with many buildings within 6 miles destroyed, and even those as far as 14 suffering significant damage. While the possible destruction of these landmarks could mean a loss of thousands of years of historical information, the greater threat currently is that of open conflict between these two nations. With allegiances falling on both sides, escalation of the on-going conflict could possible escalate into on a much larger scale.
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Pack Names
Here are the names each of you were given by Ethan as part of the trust rite and pack membership.

Joey: Lha-Cha-Eh (dog)
Walter: Ma-E (fox)
Matilda: Na-As-Tso-Si (mouse)
Michelle: Ne-Ahs-Jah (owl)
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