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Away from the Battle
Ser Jarrad-

I write this to ensure you get an accurate accounting of what has transpired, that we leave nothing of import out in our retelling.

Chiefly, you must know that we did not quit the battle of our own wills. As we fought, everything around us - including you yourself - ground to a halt. The Giants stopped, the fires froze, even the night wind ceased to blow.

From the shadows, an elaborately dressed figure appeared, dramatically shrouded in an evening cloak. I’ll confess, at first I believed it to be Queen Marianas, simply based on the aristocratic air they held about them. She complained that the monsters we faced “might injure him” and the creatures eroded away, as if caught in a sandstorm. She clasped her hands together, complaining of the “rustic” scenery, and when she drew them apart, we were transported.

We found ourselves, we soon learned, in Halvor - towering above Seaside itself. And the strange figure, the one who brought us here, was revealed to be none other than Padhraig’s childhood friend, Lynette.

When Zolos did away with the lesser gods, the power had to flow somewhere, and some of it (Darkheart’s, specifically) found its way into Lynette. And, now having the power to affect things more directly, she wanted to offer her help to Padhraig. Naturally, however, her assistance would not come without a cost - she demanded that he give over his affection for Magret, and agree to marry her. Her husband, the brother of Padhraig’s heart, would be easily “dealt with” in her fiendish scenario, and naturally their old friend would step in to comfort the widow. She spoke with venom in her voice when she asserted that “some would say that he was the man she should have ended up with in the first place.” A strong enough bite that without meaning to, I took a step back, pulling Cabhan with me.

She had barely made her “offer” when Yvor noted another in the chamber - The Fool himself appeared in order to weigh in on the choice before Padhraig. He wanted to make it clear (as if it wasn’t) that his decision would have far reaching consequences for all.

He had barely started explaining this when there was a knock on the door (was there a door there before, a part of me wondered), and Queen Marianas herself (you cannot possibly be surprised by HER interference) flowed into the room.

But Padhraig, bless him, knows his heart and found the courage to say so. In no uncertain terms he refused Lynette, and before she could rebut The Fool paused the flow of time.

He warned us to ready ourselves, and warned us (again) that our course would leave us forever changed. He was more specific than some others have been - he told us that if we continue on our path we would soon leave our mortality behind. When I asked, however, he could not tell us how such a thing would feel (and expressed his regret at being able to answer my question properly.)

Satisfied that there were no more questions, The Fool allowed time to continue. Lynette snarled “Live with your choice, then!” and we were plummeting towards a cliff.

In the distance, there was a roar, and a Red Dragon came winging in at us. Unsatisfied that we did not know precisely where “it” (the “it” being, naturally, the Orb of Sanguine Dominion) was, and only that it had been stolen, threatened a declaration of war if it was not returned or provably destroyed by the Dragon Council.

As we recovered from the shock, and Jokulla waited to transform back into her human form, I heard a voice - Lynette/Darkheart offering a deal, expressing regret that I had stopped being so self-serving, that I had faced my inner demons, lamenting that my sister had been too weak. I weathered it until she grew impatient with merely trading words, and tried to exert her power to influence me directly. I don’t know what she felt, but there was a moment of dread cold near my wedding ring, and then her whispering was gone.

Kaela brought us to Treetown, and Padhraig dashed off to speak with Magret. I know little of what they spoke of, other than that by the time we caught up to him they had pledged their engagement to each other (and congratulations to the happy couple, I say!).

Magret invited us to stay the night in the temple, and we readily agreed. I told the others of the voice I had heard, and expressed that I was not keen to hear it again.

The wind blew ferociously, angrily around the complex walls, until the priestess herself issued a terse “That is enough,” perhaps cementing her claim against her would-be rival.

By the time the sun rose again, Padhraig’s Grandmother had caught up to us once more, and she did confirm that the citadel on the lake on your island, Ser Jarrad, is (as suspected) hers.

We were readying to return, hoping that we had not left you and your people in too precarious a position, when Magret issued another Prophecy:

"Beware the Tomb of Light! They have plundered the sepulcher, and the Light shines anew from an uncaring source."

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Per Multiversum
Chapter 3 — Ghostly Matters
Leokas felt ice touch the back of his bow hand as he lowered his weapon. He looked to the side to see a wolf seemingly made of ice standing there. Sif was spooked by the foreign "animal", but it did not worry the wood elf; he figured that it was one of Belvin's summons, albeit a late one. Then he noticed Solisar exiting the embassy, followed by Sofi. "What was that?" she exclaimed. She and Solisar looked up at the wall of the embassy, which looked liked a dart board with nearly a dozen of Leokas' arrows stuck in it.

   Ferry successfully woke Hakam and Kytharrah and then scurried back to his master's room on the other side of the large building. Kytharrah followed the weasel, and they found Szordrin crouched in the corner, trying to snap himself out of an intense feeling of dread. Once composed, they all joined together outside in the courtyard.

   "The ghost's moan woke me from my sleep," said Szordrin, "but the sound terrified me, and I did not understand what was happening. I thought that it was a nightmare."

   "She was no real threat," said Leokas, as he began to recover what arrows he could.

   "Can you describe the ghost to us?" asked Solisar. "What did she look like?"

   Leokas did his best to describe the ghostly woman. "She wore a Wanese robe, a kimono. She had a short, mildly curved scabbard at the waist."

   "A wakizashi, most likely," noted Solisar. "Their nobles wear them."

   "She never drew it," said Leokas. "She attacked rather with a fan, a lady's fan, but it had sharp edges."

   "What did her face look like?"

   "Her skin was bluish, like death, not like Mythlos' skin," said Leokas.

   "Her neck was scarred," added Belvin, "as if she had been garroted."

   "I suspect that it was Yunoko then," said Hakam. "A spirit often maintains a dim appearance of how it appeared at the moment of death. Did she look like the woman in Onran's portrait?"

   "A crazed ghost was swinging a bladed fan at my neck," Leokas replied. "I did not pause to look closely at her face, besides noting the color. I was too busy trying to aim and to avoid her swings. Moreover, she was constantly phasing in and out of our reality."

   "All I saw was her neck," said Belvin. "Then she let out that horrible moan."

   "Did Leokas just destroy Yunoko?" asked Sofi.

   "Highly unlikely," Hakam replied. "For a number of possible reasons, a spirit can become trapped in the Ethereal Plane, unable to reach the Fugue, though I do not know how the gods of Wa have established things in their domain. Most likely, Leokas did not destroy her, as a spirit cannot be destroyed when not on its native plane, and, having died, Yunoko is no longer native to our world."

   "What happened to her then?"

   Hakam did not know, but he added, "she will likely reform over time to haunt again, unless the cause of her entrapment between life and the afterlife is removed."

   "Hopefully, this is not a nightly occurrence!" said Belvin.

   "We have encountered a ghost before," said Leokas. "In that case, it was a concubine of a genie ruler, who was slain in a great disaster."

   "She was freed when we removed her journal from a magical container," said Belvin. "We gave the journal to Sseth. Maybe we need to find some of her personal items."

   "We already found her chess set and calligraphy tools," Szordrin reminded them.

   "I certainly think that we should do everything in our power to free her from her entrapment between the planes," said Solisar. "Especially since we just fought with her, we shall need some way of convincing her that we are not her enemies. Do you have any power to calm spirits, Hakam, should she return?"

   "I have means of quenching the power of undeath," answered the cleric, "but that is probably not what we want if this was truly Yunoko. Although, if we could find her dead body, I could ask a few questions of that."

   "Has anyone found any grave sites here on the embassy grounds?" asked Solisar. No one had, nor could Hakam locate a nearby grave with his divine magic.

   "Where exactly did she appear?" asked Solisar, and the other two elves described how Belvin had first noticed her floating to the north along the porch and then how she had passed through the wall and swung at Leokas while they were investigating.

   "She emerged directly below my window," Solisar noted.

   Kytharrah tried to sniff at the spot on the wall, but he noted nothing unusual. Solisar and a few of the others took time to look over the rooms again in the west and south of the complex, but they were mostly empty and yielded no clues.

   "She may have floated in from outside the embassy," noted Hakam. "My theory is that she is reenacting events that occurred on the day that she died. She entered the embassy, collected some items that were hers, and then left the embassy again."

   "If so, we should reexamine her chest to see if anything has moved since we opened it," said Solisar, but nothing had.

   "Are you feeling well, Leokas?" asked Sofi. "You keep stumbling a bit as you move."

   "Her touch seems to have affected my balance somehow," said Leokas, "but I shall be fine."

   "I can restore you after dawn comes," said Hakam. "Speaking of which, I suggest that we all retire back to sleep."

   "I agree," said Belvin. "I shall pray Thard Harr for the power to speak to the earth tomorrow morning, to learn if her body is buried anywhere near here."

   Kytharrah slept in the courtyard this time, not wanting to be far away from anything that could harm his friends in the night again. Thankfully, the rest of the night passed without any such harm.
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Per Multiversum
Chapter 3 — Kuei
With a sudden snap of the wrist, the fan unfolded, and the apparition swung the edge of the fan at Leokas. Leokas' superb reflexes spared him any harm, as he bent back at the waist. The sharp edge of the war fan swished by, just missing his neck.

   Leokas sprung back while nocking an arrow. He knew that the arrows from his magical bow at least had a chance of striking a manifested ethereal being, so he drew back and loosed an arrow. The arrow stuck into her sternum and faded into etherealness itself. He loosed a second arrow, but she began drifting swiftly side-to-side. He missed a third shot, but the fourth was perfectly timed to hit her. However, it passed through her form harmlessly and struck the embassy wall.

   Behind him, Sif growled. "Stay!" her master commanded.

   The ghost threw her damaged neck back and began to wail, a gurgling moan. Belvin felt himself panic. He turned and stumbled over the weeds into the darkness and let out a scream of fear.

   The spirit ascended high into the air, her kimono billowing in a nonexistent breeze.

   Leokas stepped farther back toward the middle of the courtyard and continued firing arrows up at the floating undead woman. He stumbled on a root, and the first arrow went wide. The second arrow shot straight through her. The third missed, but the fourth struck her in the gut.

   Her mouth opened in a silent gesture of pain, and she dove down out of the air toward Leokas. Her incorporeal palm touched the elf's forehead. He felt a chill touch and a sense of dizziness, while the ghost straightened out more and began to glow a little bit more brightly.

   "Leokas, flee!" Belvin shouted. He himself smacked into the southern wall, unable to find an exit in the dark. He yelled out in Druidic and made his buckler glow with magic.

   The light was a boon to Leokas, who took in the terrain about him. He hopped back onto the porch and loosed arrows one after the other, as he strafed her while moving south along the western porch. About half of his magic arrows struck her. But Belvin, still filled with dread, darted into one of the open doors to enter the western wing of the complex, which took the light from the courtyard and left Leokas in the darkness again, alone with the angry spirit.

   Meanwhile, Solisar, in the extradimensional space, felt himself startled awake. Little Ferry was licking and nipping at this fingers.

   "Where is Szordrin?"

   Ferry did not seem to understand, but Solisar began climbing down the rope. Ferry seemed ready to follow. The sun elf reached the bottom and filled the room with magical light.

   Outside, Leokas saw the light come on in Solisar's room. At last, one of his companions had woken. However, this brief distraction allowed the ghost to reach him. She swung her fan. Once again, Leokas dodged back, avoiding the swing; however, she caught him on the neck with a sudden backswing. Fortuitously, it was little more than a nick. He was bleeding, but he was fine.

   Leokas continued shooting. Another arrow passed through her; another three missed. The ghost swung again with a fury; the fan passed wholly through Leokas' neck, but it remained ethereal the whole time and did not harm him at all. As she slashed back again, he felt another mild nick, leaving a small cut on the back of his bow hand.

   In the upstairs room, Solisar saw Ferry dart out the window and scurry to the right down the hallway. Then, Sofi burst into his room from the left. She nodded at him and moved rapidly to the window. Wrapping the towel at her waist around her fist, she smashed the glass at the window. "Ghost outside, fighting Leokas. He needs our help!"

   The sun elf spoke magical words of hasting while clutching a bit of licorice root. Outside, Leokas felt a surge of speed rush through him. Moving more quickly now, he put two yards between himself and the attacking ghost and fired back.

   Solisar looked out the window and saw the faintly glowing back of the apparition. He exited the room and moved toward the stairs. He saw Ferry pausing at the steps. Solisar looked Ferry in the eyes while making to go down the stairs. Ferry nodded his tiny head and continued on to go wake Hakam and Kytharrah.

   The sun elf reached the ground floor and rushed out the main door to the courtyard. He saw Leokas shoot an arrow straight through the mildly glowing figure. Then, he watched her fall to her knees, though she still floated, struck by another arrow. Leokas sent one final arrow directly into where her heart should have been. The two elves watched her grab hold of the ethereal shaft, as if trying to pull it out, but she faded away into a mist and then completely vanished.
Session: 123rd Game Session - Tuesday, Nov 17 2020 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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Tips to Write an Expository Essay
Have you ever heard of an expository essay? Or you haven’t listened to this kind of perfect essay before. It is a kind of essay which is now no longer so famous among the students. The most frequent type of assignments that are given to the university college students with the aid of way of the instructors is argumentative.
An expository essay is all about explaining and defining an issue. The planning of the expository essay is almost the same, i.e. a paper writer has to select a topic, doing the research, create the first draft, and then refine the essay. The last step for each content material is to proofread and edit it.
Write a desirable expository essay introduction.
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Write an expository essay outline.
Create and define your expository essay will help you to figure out what you are going to write in an essay. You ought to layout and divide the cloth for each and every paragraph. You need to grant statistics with each argument.
Write a hook for an expository essay.
Do you apprehend what a hook is? It is a captivating or appealing line, generally written to entice the attention of the reader. This is a line written to provoke the reader and make him look at till the end.
How can you make an ideal line? Well, you can ask a suitable question, provide an anecdote, make a statement, or write a quotation.
Write a Conclusion for an Expository Essay
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Choose the ideas
Choose a topic, start research, and make a listing of reference material.
Then make and define and embody all the elements you choose to discuss.
Start writing an introduction with a thesis statement.
After conclusion, study your content at least three cases to add the greater surely worth to your content.
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Strange Happenings in Violet Rose
Hello Mr. Iverson,

I have much to report, so this may be a longer message. Any information I share during this case regarding the apple is for your eyes only. We are under legal obligation to not let this information out to anyone but our investigation group.

After completing the previous mission you gave us we began following up on the strange case of the Missing Apple of Dimeed Tobias. We felt the best lead we had to go on was a mediocre seer by the name of Cackli. Apparently, she blatantly lied about her involvement in the incident. We were following up with her, when we found out she had fled the city.

With the help of a local scry, we were able to find out that she was on the run in a forest not far from the city. We began pursuit, even before the commission from you. I can see clearly why you wanted us to follow this path now. We began our trek to Violet Rose, as that was the closest city in the direction she was headed and it was logical that she was headed that way. On the way, we came to a house close to the Sweet Moon Day Bridge.

We quickly found that it was haunted by a woman. Thinking she may be hiding there, we found the house was deserted, and a woman by the name of Alayana Stanford was haunting the estate. After speaking with this apparition, we discovered that she was waiting for her husband to return. We filed this and decided we would help if we could, as long as it didn't interfere with our ongoing investigation.

We continued our journey to Violet Rose and upon arrival we began noticing odd happenings all over town. There was a body that had been drained of blood and dropped on the outskirts of town. It was not Cackli, but a local guard. The local sheriff seemed hesitant to look further into it or to have assistance from our group. We began gathering what information we could for the case of Cackli, but we met hesitance at every turn.

Finally, after speaking with clergyman, Pastor Houston, at the First Church of Pelor, we were able to put together a little of what had been happening in town and what may have happened to Cackli. We found there was a "demon" that had it's claws in every aspect of the town. It would regularly abduct victims in town and use them to sustain itself. We also learned that Alayana was one of the demon's victims. Pastor Houston, told us to speak with a store owner named Bubba, who knew the inner workings of the demon's system.

We went to speak with him, and he was notably anxious. He told us that now that he was seen talking to us, his life was forfeit. He informed us that the demon's name was Brigitta, and that he was in love with her. After more digging, we pieced together she was a succubus that used Bubba to collect unsuspecting victims outside of the city. Many in the city knew of Brigitta and the lesser demons that were her helpers, but were powerless to do anything about them. upon finishing the conversation, we were attacked.

We saw first hand the lesser demons she had do her bidding. They were powerful. Some were beings of shade that could attack from any shadow, others were flying demons that would swarm our heads, and others were demons that could duplicate themselves in battle to overwhelm us. We tried to get Bubba safely to the church, but we were unsuccessful. We made sure his body was properly cared for by the church. We then decided to take the battle to Brigitta.

After a couple more attacks, we found our way to the cottage that she was using as her cover. Upon entry, we faced her and a couple of her shades. We were able to overcome her, and sent her back to the abyss (I think that's where they're from).

Crackle and Kit, being the great detectives they are, found a secret passage that led down to a dungeon that Brigitta was using to keep her victims. We found Cackli strung up, and that Brigitta had let loose some creature upon the city. Grey, Kit and Bastet took care of the beast as Crackle and I freed Cackli. She was fatally injured though and we were unable to save her. Her last words were "ienebris recurrit". I am unsure what it means, but I have a bad feeling about it.

We will be patiently awaiting our next missiong.
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