What have I gotten myself into?
It is late as I take quill and put to paper these thoughts. My distant kinsman (family they may be, but so uncouth some of them!!)and I now rest in the Temple of the Dragon, awaiting the dawn when our powers are regained, and we may ascend the steps into the dungeon of our doom! I pray to My Lady that we have not committed ourselves to a task beyond our abilities. There is one, a wu-jen, who appears to know more than he shows. While another smells badly, and will not stand downwind! (ugh, men!) Yet another, quacks at times and seems to change into a drake. Just our luck. If he had been a hen we might have at least gotten eggs for breakfast. I cannot believe that my family is connected to korobokuru (yeck!) what men will lay with!! But there is 1, a kensai, almost worthy of a look from me. As for the monk, he is a celibate!
But my thoughts wander. I should not be thinking of them, but of poor great great grandfather suzuki. I have sworn to the Family that we would bring him back, alive. If I fail, the blade of my Katana will surely taste my blood.
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