Prophecy: Janus Farron
You are persistent my brother, I will give you that. It was only a matter of time before you decided to come north in search of me. I did not expect you to bring the might of your entire army. The Bane sworn you command have done an efficient job of routing my army so I must give credit where it is due. You Tristan Farron are truly the champion of Bane, you have earned your title well, and have to be one of the best generals of this age. Your god would be proud of such a worthy disciple. However your greatest weakness is that you are a Farron.

You will overreach in your attempt to destroy me, putting everything at risk for one final fight. A battle so vast and epic, the heavens themselves will be watching. Your ego will be appeased with nothing less than Armageddon.

So I sit back in my frozen kingdom, reinvigorated by the challenge that awaits me. The Brothers of blood pitted against each other in a final fight. Your have the stronger army brother… superior numbers, and the best tactical minds of the Realm, and yet you do not know what I have become….

I am an enigma even to myself, not fully understanding the powers I posses. The divine energy has overtime distorted my human shell, tearing rivets in my body trying to release its self. Light leaks from open wounds illuminating the darkness of my solitude. It doesn’t hurt anymore, and maybe soon I will no longer have to contain it.

Either way I accept your challenge. I will send what is left of my troops to meet their bloody end at the hands of the Bane Sworn. I will watch you cut my army to ribbons, hopefully giving you a sense of glory before you face me.

May your gods be with you Tristan Farron and bare witness to a truly terrible war…
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Tristan stood atop a low rise where he could look down upon his army camped in the valley below him. The sound of the boots crunching through the snow behind him caught his attention but he didn't turn, he knew who was behind him.

"I'll be there soon." Tristan said, his voice becoming much softer than it had been of late.

Dierdre laid one of her hands on Tristan's shoulder, the other wrapped around and cupped her swollen belly. She whispered something to Tristan and then without another word made her way back camp and to the tents. Just then a small breeze picked up and swept his cloak all about him all the while causing a small torrent of snow to cascade down the cliff.

"If It has to be one of us Janus, then so be it." Tristan sighed while thought back on the day he last had seen his brother. He knew he was still alive, just not what had become of him since the dethronement of Asmodeus.

"If only you had heard my words for what they were, and not the poison that Dispater fed you."

Tristan pulled out the cursed ring he had cut from his hand and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. "Even champions deserve peace. I hope you will find yours Janus." Then Tristan tossed the ring off of the rise; and giving it no more thought he turned and followed his wife.