Wrong Turn at the Dead End of the Galaxy

Now what, after a wrong turn at the dead end of the galaxy? Well hell that did not quite goes as planned.

So I needed to hot dog and complete my mission for a second attempt and I just barley made it. Sorry I ditched but time was of the essence and I needed to move fast and unencumbered.

I completed my mission and checked in with the guild and received Vuez Chuiy wave to meet up in the Donovan System at this platform. After our recent Tiderian Incident in the Reva System I did some research and discovered that there would be trouble waiting for you/us there. The kind of trouble that does not go through diplomatic channels and ask nicely for us to come with them. The kind of trouble that offers 50,000 credits for us dead or double alive, especially for the captain. I beat feet there and you are already parked and strolling a round, crap. Comms are jammed, I have shadow ships on my 6 what else could go wrong. Finnally Al manages to punch through using a tight beam and reach the station and Vuez Chuiy. Oh now the guns start blazing. I punch it, fast as the station takes out the first cloaked ship with goes up like an Andorian Candle. The sencond ship launches a missile at the station, Al tried to jam it it, redirect it, no dice. I warn them but it does not look good.

As I am closing in to the docking port, the Venture breaks loose maybe they are on board? But wait I pick up life signs drifting between the station and the Venture, what the hell? One is Vuez Chuiy signature? The missile impacts the station as it starts to collapse and explode at the same time! For a brief second I consider jumping now, damn it all to hell, I swoop in and scoop up a clump of them centered on the captain signature and punch the jump button. Just in time as the white light fills the view screens and the sweat is matting my fur. I look at Al who has all four hand working controls and regulating settings, he looks very intense, and quiet, Al is always quiet, but he is really quiet and maybe a little pale.

Seems Abel, Scotty and Delilah Scottson were on the Venture when the station vaporized them, oh and Medea? Well I wonder who this Medea lady was, out of the left pocket galaxy and causing all hell to breaks loose. She sound like a real bad ass, kind of happy I did not meet her. Vuez Chuiy you may have to tell me that story again, seems a bit fantastic.

So here we are, what next?

I think we re-group. Lets go back to Capstan and hook up with the Admin-1, check on the Dirty Lucky Bitch.

What do you guys think?

We need to collect the insurance on the Venture access our funds as we have taken a large hit lately, especially after the 100,000 credits from Check Point Stupid.

Until that time I am down to almost nothing, time to do some honest smuggling work for a change.
Session: Break out the Impact Carbines! - Saturday, Sep 24 2011 from 3:45 PM to 7:45 PM
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