Hunting Modra
The Defenders, and Reniss, toured the Happy Beggar looking for signs of Modra. It seems that all of them were a little put off by the excessive piety of the proprietors, Preshant and Ausma, retired Paladins of Pelor.

After talking briefly with a nasty, coughing old man named Branat, Gralamin learned a little more about Modra, as this Branat seems to be the only person here to know of him...and he was pretty free with advice about him. Branat was a mercenary as well, "back in the day" and killed a few Dark Creepers as a sellsword for many a lord. He gave some free advice to kill Modra quickly if they find him. Make no bargains with him as he will simple use the opportunity to kill them.

But more interesting was that Branat disclosed that he thought Modra had not been around for at least 2 years, but back when he did come here, it was to confer in secret meetings with the cellar.

Gralamin tossed the old man a few silver coins, which seemed to excite him and give him ideas for how spend them. He got up and slowly started to totter about. The Defenders gathered outside to discuss the new information, and waited a bit for the old man to come outside, but he never did. When they went back in, they examined the celler, where the kitchen is, and looked more closely at a caved in side room. Tiiren discerned that the stones were not all as they would be from a natural cave-in and suggested that they had been placed in such a way by hand on purpose. Sure enough one large slab, carefully balanced, swung to the side revealing a narrow passageway behind.

They followed it and at a steep slope at the end, Tiiren and Patience slid down the last 10 feet or so, ending in a heap at the bottom. They were now in a dark cave lit only by the floating lantern Quinn had sent ahead.

The cave was home to 4 shadow hunter bats that attacked them immediately with swooping fly-by attacks. They eventually defeated them, and made a zip-line to get to the lower part of the cave to avoid the Deathspore Mushrooms that covered the cliff-side.

Further down the cave, the walls turned to well-hewn walls with marble floors. At a corner Gralamin spied ahead and found a room that looked to have once been an ancient temple of some sort, but now seem to be used as some sort of transfer station. In the center of the room was an active teleportation portal of some sort. Crates and barrels were stacked here and there, and 3 Dark Creepers and a Shadar-kai woman were trying to push a cart with 2 shadow hounds caged in it through the portal.

Content to stay hidden and allow that to happen, the hounds topped the cage and broke out. No longer trapped by the enchantment of the cage, they teleported away and the Dark Creepers vanished into shadow. The hounds tried to flee up the hallway where the heroes were hiding, and they attacked them.

The fight was a lot harder against these teleporting hounds than the bats, but it was not long before they had killed one, and then the other. But no sooner had they done that, then the witch stepped around the corner and commanded her minions to kill the intruders as she blasted necrotic fire up at Patience.

One Dark Creeper appears out of nowhere and snatched the floating lantern into his robes, snuffing the light and leaving everyone else in pitch black. The other two Creepers used the moment to attack two others.

Gralamin pulled out a sunrod and lit the game was on. The party quickly combined on them and brought them down with some great moves. Bharhash charged forward after his foe was toppled and threatened the witch. So she started a strategic retreat back into the temple.

They all pressed her, and when she fully routed, they cut her down before she could reach the portal to escape.

After a short rest, they checked the door on the far side of the room. They could not hear anything, so Bharhash shoved the doors open. They found two other portals in this room. One against the wall, inert, and the other roiling with shadows like smoke in a wind storm. At the portal another Dark Creeper was whispering to it, but turned to see the heroes enter, and he vanished. Echoing in the chamber, the heroes heard the incantation that brought the portal to life enough to summon 6 wraiths that came through and immediately flew toward the heroes to attack...
Session: On the Trail of Modra - Sunday, Sep 11 2011 from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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