My reserve status was changed to active. Transferred to OSS & given some work. Abel & Doc are drawing some unwanted attention and Jinx got us a job.
Supposed to go to Trium space and run an extraction of 2 individuals. Grabbed some cargo & got a contract from Capstan for some fighter engines & tech. Got some passengers (Shockboxer & manager)

On the way insystem we tossed around the idea of stealing a necromancer battle cruiser, but decided against it.
Got boarded by customs. They too Delilah & ignored my protests. Fuckin Abel went bughouse nuts & killed one uv the customs officials.
Shit went fuckin nuts from there.
Scotty starts tossing rockets around & starts a fire in the fukkin cargo hold.
Now Delilah is stuck on the System Patrol Craft & we got a big ball o shit staring us in the face.
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It is not nuts which draws the blade of The Ghost, only the indicative actions of those which would seek to place our crew in harms way and when my blade is drawn it cannot return until it has tasted blood. The men met good ends, death my blade being redemption in the eyes of the stars. Amen.
You jeopardized the mission, may have ruined our sponsor's good name, may have screwed me with the freighter's union, as well as screwed us a hundred other ways, and you think a new effing ship is going to make everything ok?!?
Captain, A wise man once said that the secret of getting things done is to act. You are aiming small, considering the options we now have available to us and this should change when the time demands it. Things may seem bad, but in order to make an omelette you have to crack a few eggs.
Oh, you definitely crack eggs when making an omelette...
BUT MOST FUCKING PEOPLE HAVE SOMETHING UNDER THE EGGS rather than crack them straight into the fukkin fire!