Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drag'os! (Awesomeâ„¢)
It only took a glance, but Drag’os knew immediately what Gerrol had in mind. They both saw the man-sized bats hesitate after being charged by Zevron the Eladrin defender. Neither were sure why it happened – but both were certain it HAD happened. In that moment, both companions realized that this was their best opportunity. Before Drag’os was able to consider how horribly bad this could go, he hopped onto the swinging blade of Gerrol’s great axe and used that momentum, along with his own tremendous leap, to clear the thirty feet he needed. Flying through the air – knees bent almost to crouching, with his sword hand poised next to his head like a fist about to land a blow, Drag’os lead with his shield and hit the mark.

d20 + 11 => [15] = 26
Dice Rolls => Results = Total
d20 + 11 => [15] = 26
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