On our way to Osturan
(NOTE: We aren't taking Lidan on this journey. Before we left, he went out drinking at a bar like usual, and never came home. Poor guy's probably puking his guts out in some alleyway by now... which makes me wonder, where is he going to get his booze money now that we've left? The only two things he could possibly do are to either whore himself out or be a training dummy for soldiers to beat the crap out of. Maybe we'll see him again some day, maybe not...)

A few days ago, we left the Keep in order to journey to Verine's home country. We are going so that Paul, her unwanted and persistent stalker/fiance, can ask Verine's father for her hand in marriage.

And it's been great so far! I'm loving all of the chaos that's been going on. I've known that Verine's motive from the start has been to get Paul killed on this journey, and it's so entertaining to keep giving her ideas on how to get the poor bastard killed ^_^. If only the other party members weren't such stuck up pricks I'd try to get them to play along. I'm almost starting to miss Novori now... I know I really really hated the guy, and I didn't give a rat's ass when he died, but at least when he we weren't trying to kill each other we played some pretty good pranks together. Everyone else (barring Doub) is just a goody-two-shoes.

For example, yesterday, we were leisurely strolling along when about 10 orcs came out and attacked us. We killed them without much hassle (Paul IS a badass, which is why it's extra fun to try and come up with death traps for him). Afterwards, I decided to follow the trail that they came from. I ended up at their camp, where there were probably 20 more orcs patrolling around. I thought it would be an easy fight, and I even came up with a plan of attack before heading back to the others. But those pansies didn't want to go :( I got Verine on my side (when I suggested that at least Paul and Dumble go so that Dumble could make another dragon illusion and possibly 'accidentally' kill Paul with it), but it was still 2 vs. everyone else. If Novori were there, I know for a fact that I could've convinced that guy to run into the camp butt-naked and be a distraction while we killed off the orcs and stole their tents (since we didn't BUY any to pack with the horses before we left town). But I digress.

Doub was quite entertaining though. I don't remember exactly how this fight started, but Verine tried to pick up Doub and throw him into the orc camp to be eaten alive. She didn't manage to throw him very far, and he came back swinging. Paul stepped in to protect "his woman", as he put it, and drew his sword on Doub. Doub, being the maniacal twelve year old that he is, cast hold person on Paul, and froze him in place. He then proceeded to beat him unconscious with his hammer while the rest of the party looked on in awe. After permanently altering the shape of Paul's head, Doub let him limply fall to the ground before healing his injuries, as added humiliation. I'm definitely not going to piss that kid off any time soon.

That night, we were out camping (WITHOUT any tents (>_<)O ) when some orcs stumbled near our tent. I heard something walking in the woods, though I didn't know they were orcs, and woke up Dumble to let him know what was going on before sneaking off to find out what was near us. By the time I got close enough to realize they were orcs, they had noticed something was near them. I froze and tried to hide, but there was nowhere to go, and the orcs started walking towards me. I panicked, and sprinted back to camp with the orcs following a little ways behind. When I got into camp breathless, I told Dumble to put up an illusion to hide our camp from the orcs. He did some fancy mumbo jumbo, and the orcs came looking for what made that noise, and somehow didn't find us! So, Dumble may be a tool, but at least he's a good tool to have around. GNOME POWER, BITCHES!

Today we didn't really do much (Dumble and I took a nap on one of the horses for most of the afternoon - my back's killing me now) though we did come across our first fork in the road! We went left, like any good adventurer does, and are again continuing on our way. This trip has had a good start (our healer beat up our fighter - who saw THAT coming?), and I have hopes that it will get even better!
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Lmao very funny!
Honestly thinking back I should have ruled some things differently, but I guess the same outcome would happen with Paul's personality. It is unlikely to happen twice however.