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The Iron Circle
Somebody is watching.
Who is this and what does he have to do with your future?

Put your guesses in the comments. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Plan to be back at it next week!
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I sense something; a presence I've not felt since... and I think he has MY crown on!
Let me guess... the undead creatures that we are fighting are going to resurrect the old bat and we will have to kill him again. Bring it! (after we fight the wraiths and take an extended rest of course)
My dreams... My dreams are haunted by an undead minion.. He looks like the Winter King but I'm not sure..
Hey Drag'os! if you get some fresh meat for Wolf, he'll kill it for you (snicker snicker)!

Hmmmmmm...Is it the head of the Skeletal Forges' Union? He's not getting any dues from those ones we killed and he's right ticked?

Aye, I be thinking that kill'n 'll certainly be in our future.

Yer wolf is welcome to all the meat he could be eat'n if we encounter fleshy creatures. These boney vermin are good for nut'n but kill'n.

I thinks that there may be an "awesome" moment or two a-com'n real soon, from the looks of this guy!