To:Command Sergeant Major Unit #401, Headquarters Company, 3rd Battallion, 1st Infantry Division
Sergeant Major,

Let me begin by saying that you have served me well. And you continue to serve me well, now and always. Also, I must say that the men seem restless; I think that they almost sense what is coming. For my own sake, though, you cannot say anything of this letter to the other men. Tomorrow, I will be expected to personally oversee the officers under my command shutting down the lot of the warforged soldiers in their companies. This is happening in all commands, and the orders come down from the very top. The high ranking brass tell me that warforged are experiencing some sort of meltdown in their Etruscan memory cores. It is not known when, or even if, the soldiers can be reactivated, but let me tell you; it will not be soon.

But you, you my son, still have a chance to avoid the great sleep faced by the others. I can do this only for you, Unit #401. You are the key. You must desert your post as soon as this letter reaches you, and go, far, far away. But remember, you may be the best hope your compatriots have of survival.

Your own hope of survival is desertion, and to seek someone out who knows about warforged. Have this person deactivate all but your core programming. This has worked to slow the debilitating effects of the meltdown in others, I understand, but was considered too risky for widespread deployment.

You, my son, have two choices of places to go. You should not tell me anything about where you are headed, but, on the borderlands, there is a town called Bas Seikkh. I worked to liberate it when I was just a lieutenant, and the man known as Wil Pericant is no friend of the army, yet a personal friend to me. Beware, he will ask favors of you, in order to test your mettle and loyalty to his cause, and dangerous beings now threaten the borderlands more than ever.

Otherwise, you may choose to head to the low precinct of Talashir. There is a man there called Zalman Sheridan. I have not known him for quite a while, but he is a Branded adventurer, and may be able to keep the riff-raff off of you. He may also know of where you can have your programming changed. This change will not be permanent, but will slow the debilitation and allow you to recover bits of the programming over time.

Burn this letter, or take it with you, but you must leave camp immediately. Now go, soldier.

Colonel Bacchinore
3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry Division
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