Epilogue of a Champion: Tristan Farron
Tristan sat behind a desk overwhelmed with documents and papers of import. All of them relaying various forms of information from supply lines to troop advancements to his own army’s moral. Tallyn stood in front of him talking in a matter of fact tone regarding what their next plan of attack should be, but he blocked it out. He turned his gaze towards Dierdre, who was going through training motions in the courtyard with some of the new recruits; she loved to punish those poor fools, especially the ones who didn’t learn quickly enough. Tristan couldn’t help but smile, anything that brought her pleasure equally did the same for him.

“Ser?...ser!” Tallyn snapped,” you’re not listening, if we moved he-“

“Yes, yes Tallyn, if we moved south and blocked off the road from these savages then we would be able to deal a nasty blow to them, capture their supplies and potentially claim all the territories north of our position. I’ve heard the story before.”

Tallyn pursed her lips, a definite scowl adorned her face and continued to darken with every word that Tristan spoke.

“You are the champion of Bane…m’lord. Not some simple warmonger or second son of a rightful heir-king. You are destined to conquer…to rule those weaker then yourself.”

Tristan nodded absently, and glanced at the map of his domain. He traced his fingers along the border of his ill-gotten kingdom, already vast compared to what accomplishments most men had made in these lands in their own lifetimes. While the heat of battle and the quickening that made his blood race was always inciting him to move from one skirmish to the next he never felt quite the same that he did that day with Skater….with Janus.

“Send a truce, and a messenger Tallyn.” Tristan said, turning away from his general as he spoke.

Tallyn simply blinked. “A…messenger…ser? Surely you jest?”

Tristan stopped abruptly and sighed, a deep heavy thing that racked his entire body. “No, Tallyn I do not. The lord of battle loses favor with me. Though I send fresh souls to the underworld daily, it as if I am leading lambs to the slaughter. These warriors hold no challenge for me, and I do not feel that I claim ownership of the title while I kill so easily. “

Flashes of his almost death at the hands of Sather and his brother crossed his vision. “I am to conquer… conquer. What good is such a thing if I sit atop a horse and watch as I carve out a kingdom for myself with the blood of others? No more.”

Tallyn raised an eyebrow, but Tristan could see that she was beginning to understand.

“I’m getting older Tallyn, and I do not wish to die a fat drunkard. War is the only wife I shall know… “ Again his gaze was cast towards Dierdre but broken easily as thoughts of a true conflict entered his mind. “I need a challenge; I need a true offering to Bane…but what? The world has grown soft in the absence of strife; shall I be the man who brings it back to this world? Is that the cost of my thirst being sated?”

Tallyn said nothing although Tristan knew the answer.

“So be it. Let us find a true war then Tallyn…what say you?”
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Ironic that the Farron's helped save the world, and are now trying to break it appart.

They are just never satisfied with what they have!!