Keran Mirwood: Last Will and Testament
I Keran Mirwood being of whole Elvan body, spirit and mind, create this my last will and testament to the distribution of my belongings. In the event of my death and destruction or irrecoverable nature of any part of my body, so that I may not be raised to undeath, resurrected or otherwise wished back to life; I so hereby bequeath the following belongings as dictated in this parchment.

a) All magical items and magical item components are to be donated to the Temple of Wee Jas in Rethmar.
i) Should the temple be destroyed and/or the leaders of the temple be unable through incapacitation or death to take possession of these belongings, I hereby bequeath them to the nearest temple or shrine to Wee Jas.

b) Any and all coin money, hereto by referred to as 'gold', other precious metals and gems on what remains of my belongings I turn over to my dog Rixy.
i) These valuables shall be used to provide for Rixy through a stewardship set up through the Rethmar Academy.
ii) Should Rethmar and/or the Academy no longer exist I ask that you responsible adventurer to take care of Rixy.
iii) Should Rixy also be deceased to where he as well cannot be resurrected (through use of these funds), I direct this money to go to you dear adventurer. Use it in good health.

c) My ceremonial silver dagger should be returned to the Lake of Mox; either by yourself dear adventurer or through hired courier.

d) My non-magical masterwork items should be distributed to my surviving members of my adventuring party; consisting of Sumnus, Felicia and Kaylin.
i) Should members of my adventuring party be deceased; these non-magical masterwork items I bequeath to you dear adventurer. May they serve you well.

e) My painting of Lloth, the Spider Goddess I hereby specify should go to either the Temple of Wee Jas or the Rethmar Academy, whichever place is able to receive it.
i) Should neither place be in existance, I state that it should be sold to provide extra funds to be handled as stated in section 'b'.

f) Deed to Koth's Keep, I hereby leave to the finder of this document to do with as he or she pleases.

f) All other non-magical, non-masterwork items and supplies I hereby also leave to the finder of this document in order for personal use or to sell to pay for carrying out the final wishes I have laid forth in this parchment.

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