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Drathus' Journal
In search for my cousin Drathus, I stumble upon a group another cleric-mage. His religion is quiet strange. Why worship a god of adventuring when studying the wonders of Mystra is an adventure itself? I kept asking to review his spell book but he refused. Anyways while traveling with him I find myself in an inn where we happen to meet a fighter, a strange gnome(why he is in a loincloth is beyond me), another cleric, and a druid. Come to find out my cousin meet an unfortunate end along with a few of his friends.

While we were getting ready to leave, a boy comes busting in demanding someone to help him and his town we decided to go and help him. My traveling companion not understand the need of the child tries to convince the child to stay at the inn but fails horribly. We finally got under way.

During the trip, some genius decides to try to cut down a sapling while the druid is with us.....REALLY HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? Never ever EVER cut any tree when a druid is present of course the sanity of the gnome is in question. While our companions are arguing over the sapling, I find some recently fallen wood and gave it to my companion which gave it to Mr. Loincloth. Me personally I think it is a waste of time to give him a stick when I think he doesn't understand the difference between the stick the maker gave him and the stick my friend decides to give him.

We finally get to the village. All but the inn was burnt to the ground.After ,pounding and screaming back and forth they finally let us in. It is a goood thing my master threw those fireballs at me or else they would have slammed the door in my face. After hearing there story, it got dark and hordes of undead started rushing in the doors after they blasted open the doors. After several turning and killing, we managed to push them back we thought only to have a strange rider decided to conjure darkness and fog. After several hours and few of us caught in the fog, we found out it was useless to fight them. We lost two townswomen to the undead and one died while we were moving her. The survivors decide to go the way we went and start anew.

We went to the tomb only to see it vandalized by unholy symbols. As we went inside it was a little difficult to get to the lower tombs at first. We found a poor fellow hanging above a trap door upside down. He appeared to have been tortured by being lowered into the pit where there were three zombies despite our attempt to kill them. We travel for several days inside having to leave the tomb only because we had several fallen comrades. During this time, we have encountered some interesting items and creatures. Two carrion crawlers who I read about but never seen and bunch of undead. Our fighter who only seems interested in himself decided to open the door with glyphs around it and gets shocked half to death along with my ignorant friend. Only to be facing 2 hungry pet wolves. GREAT.

We killed the wolves only and out we go again to heal our friends. Really. But our little gnomish friend I begin to understand more and more. HE IS REALLY CRAZY. But anyways, we get back into the tomb only to find someone has cleaned up after us. We continued to explore the tomb and when finally got back to the rune doorway the fighter had the same dumb idea but this time we used the rope and the gnomes STICK
along wit a few coffins.

Once inside we found ourselves before the same mysterious rider with more wonderful undead. We manage to turn his minions before he conjured his blasted fog again. Like a fool i went into the fog to join the fight only to run into an object and then into the zombies.
Once we killed all the undead, we realized the rider was gone. He ran during the fight the coward. We rested for a few days and went back into the tomb. My companion decide to turn the coffin like it was going to do some good. It actually did work.

We got a few good item from the coffin only to have the townsfolk to take the book and holy symbols from us. Good thing we didn't tell him about the other stuff we found. While resting found out, the the scroll case out of the tomb has a cleric scroll and the ring is still questionable. Of course my companion lacks the knowledge of magical arts. His lost. I gained 2 new spells myself. We questioned the priest about the other stuff but he is not sure on. We decided to travel to Hawksburg in order to find more information. But our gnomish friend has decide to create a harp in which we hope he stops playing.

While traveling, we came upon a caravan. One wagon was burnt 3 merchants hurt but no escort. After healing 3 of them, we discovered that a group of bandits have raided and pillage the group. The leader's (which we assumed that we were talking to) daughter was kidnapped. Of course, our fighter friend decided it was best to destroy the harp. Unfortunately, the harp sounded better when he hit it. SO, we decided to go rescues this girl. My companion try to use logic and think a horse can't be ridden in the woods was proven wrong.

Along the way, we ran into a pack of wolves. While fighting, our gnomish friend decides to cast an illusion spell to scare the wolves and sent us all but a few running. My poor companion ran until be pasted out. We camped for the night. We continued the next day and ran into two guys with weapons drawn. My companion decided to negotiate with the two guys. While he was talking to them, Our fighter decided to fire an arrow. Of course me being in the back not knowing was going on, I thought it was a bit much. Of course our gnomish friend decides to scare us again. When the fight was over, I decided to attack the fighter. After cast detect evil and protection from evil, I now believe that both the fighter and my companion (the blasphemer) are evil. (this by far is not over.)

After an arrow was shot at us, we decided to take cover. After chasing it awhile, I decided to shoot an arrow. No more arrows were fired. While running, I decided to go back passing the rest of the party. When we regrouped, we continued our way. We encountered a pair of boars. We killed them only to leave the meat to the wolves(what a waste). We went further up the road only to have the rogue find something in the rock. After he got it out, we went to the nearby corral. While the gnome decided to go check out the cattle, we discovered we were being watched.

Here we go again.
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