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The Rule system for this game is Runequest II from Mongoose publishing. The rules are similar to Call of Cthulhu. Your character is defined by their skills and abilities rather than a class. Your character advances by joining a cult and improving thier standing with your cult rather than gaining levels.

In Runequest almost everyone belongs to a cult of some kind or another. Cults teach new forms of magic, train your skills and offer rewards. Characters gain powers and abilities by increasing their standing with their cult. When your create your character you will choose one of the Praxian Backgrounds for your character. Your background will determine where you come from, what your starting skills are and what cults you can join.

All characters in Runequest can use magic. There are 5 different types of magic. Your character will start out knowing at least one kind of magic and can learn more.

Common Magic - Sometimes called Battle Magic, these are simple spells that everyone can learn to cast. They are mostly used for increasing combat abilities or to provide some benefit in combat.

Divine Magic is directly channeled from the gods to their followers. It is more powerful and harder to learn than Common Magic. It is taught by divine cults like those of the Storm Tribes and the Solar Empire. A character must gain status with a divine cult to learn divine magic.

Spirit Magic deals with summoning and controlling spirits. The spirits give their magic abilities to the shaman that summoned them. Shamans practice spirit magic and must belong to a spirit cult.

Dragon Magicis practiced by Dragons and their Dragonewt followers. Dragon magic allows a Draconic mystic to channel the power of the great dragons such a breathing fire, flying or turning into a dragon for a short period of time. Characters can learn Dragon Magic from one of Draconic Mystic cults of the Empire of the Wyrm's friends.

Sorcery is potentially the most powerful magic but also the hardest to learn. A Sorcerer must dedicate years of study to learn even a small amount of sorcery. The sorcery cults like those of the Jrusteli God Learners instruct their followers in Sorcery.


The world of Runequest is known as Glorantha. In Glorantha, myths are real and grant magic power to those that believe in them.

Four great empires struggle for the beliefs and control of Glorantha. The two most powerful empires are the Jrusteli God Learners and the Empire of the Wyrm's friends. Both seek to redefine all myths for their own benefit.

The Jrusteli God Learners believe in a single god, known as the invisible god, who taught them the power of sorcery. They freely admit that there are other gods, the pagan gods, but these beings are simply very powerful magical entities and not truly gods. The Jrusteli believe that they can forge a single mono-myth that all religions fit into thereby gaining control of all the magic in Glorantha. The Jrusteli use powerful sorcery to enter the myths of other cults. Some Jrustlei even attempt to change the myths of other cults, often with disastrous results.

The Empire of the Wyrm's Friends worship the great cosmic dragon who teaches them Dragon magic through the path of enlightenment. The EWF seeks to redefine the myths of the other religions based on draconic enlightenment. In this way, all of the other cults can be shown that the gods they worship are really reflections of the cosmic dragon.

These two empires have come to power the last few hundred years. Most of the Glorantha still follows the Old Ways, worshiping the gods through the many Spirit and Divine cults. The God Learners and the EWF seek to covert the Old Ways worshipers and are slowly gaining ground on them. The two largest groups of Old Ways worshipers are the Storm Tribes and the Solar Empire.

The Storm Tribes worship a pantheon of gods known as the Lightbringers led by the Storm God Orlanth. In the time before history, Orlanth slew the sun god Yelm, thereby plunging the world into darkness. Realizing his mistake, Orlanth undertook a mighty quest to the underworld to rescue Yelm. Along the way he gathered heroes and companions who helped him free Yelm from the underworld. Orlanth and these heroes became the pantheon of the Storm Tribes collectively known as the Lightbringers.

The Solar Empire of Dara Hoppa worship the Sun Emperor Yelm and his pantheon of Gods. The Solar Empire still holds the ancient grudge against the storm tribes for Orlanth's murder of Yelm, despite the fact they are under direct assault from both the God Learners and the EWF.

Other Races

Most of the people of Glorantha are human, but other races do exist. Except for the Dragonewts who live among the people of the EWF, the other races live apart from the human empires. Your character may choose to be one of these races.

Trolls (Uz) - Trolls are large nocturnal creatures. Trolls are larger and stronger than the average human, but suffer when forced to be active in daylight. They have a powerful appetite and can eat almost anything. To a troll the rest of the world falls into two categories, useful or food. The trolls worship their own pantheon of gods.

Sadly, the Trolls are a dying race. The Chaos god Gbaji cursed the trolls so that their children would be the stunted trollkin rather than full trolls. Female trolls are also extremely rare and are the rulers of the trolls. Trolls get along well with humans who show proper respect. (Trolls consider humans to be "somewhat useful dangerous food.") Trolls do not get along well with the Elves who make a tasty salad and the dwarves who they war with over their underground lairs. Trolls think dragonewts are weird and try to ignore them.

Evles (Aldryami) - The Aldryami are sentient humanoid plants. They are quicker and more agile than humans but somewhat smaller and not as strong. It is rare for elves to become adventurers but there are a few. The elves worship their own pantheon of gods and the gods of the Solar Empire. The elves get along well with humans who respect the boundaries of their forests. They do not get along well with the Trolls who often eat them.

Dwarves (Mosatli) - Dwarves are carved from sentient stone. They do not believe in any gods, trusting only in technology and sorcery. They believe the world is one great machine known as Mostal that the dwarves must work to keep running. Most dwarves do not ever emerge from their underground cities. Some dwarves rebel and leave the underground cities to live on the surface. Those that do get along well with humans but hate the trolls and elves. Dwarves that live on the surface will often join a Divine or Sorcery Cult.

Ducks (Druluz) - The Druluz are bipedal intelligent ducks, slightly smaller than an average human. When Orlanth slew Yelm the ducks refused to rescue the sun god. When Yelm was freed he wanted to destroy all the ducks in the world. The Lightbringers interceded on behalf of the Ducks and persuaded Yelm to stay his hand. The Ducks were cursed by Yelm to never fly and always be outcasts from other societies, which they still suffer from today. Many Ducks join the cults of the Lightbringers of the Storm Tribe.

Dragonewts - Dragonewts are the immature form of dragons. They follow the path of Draconic mysticism. When they die they are reborn as new dragonewt, hopefully one who is more powerful. Eventually if they reach spiritual enlightenment they will be reborn as a full dragon. Dragonewts taught humans the ways of Draconic Mysticism and founded the Empire of the Wyrm's friends. Dragonewts are often seem strange and suicidal to outsiders, because Dragonewts see death as a new beginning rather than an end.

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