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Quest for Mediocrity
What was that thing?
The group continued their adventure though the rest of the dungeon. They managed to fell 3 gnolls, a doppelganger portraying a huge orc who was the leader of the cave, who had 2 goblins protecting him, and then 2 orcs charged in during the fight. Afterwards they found 3 stirges sucking the blood out of a dead orc and let it be. They then found 6 goblin archers and Novori's dead body. After felling them and healing up a bit the group continued on, finding the shortcut the dwarven head told them about and hid Novori. They continued on to find 6 more orcs, and then ran into the stirges again. The stirges put up a tough fight, as 1 latched onto Doub and Petra Darkeyes. Petra managed to slay hers though, and the one on Doub knocked Doub out. The group had to carry Doub back to town to rest and heal up. The next day they returned to return Novori and place him back in his freshly dug grave. They did manage to return with some great loot though!
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