O' Mr. Blue, Mr. Blue, wherefore art thou, Mr. Blue?
As if events in this world were not already chaotic enough; some layabout flouncy wizard decides to whisk me and my companions to lands unknown without telling us a clue about what's to be done here.

While his powers are impressive, his motives are suspect to say the least. We were already investigating devilish blood red hail and other monstrosities when we ran across him. Has it all been a ruse to lure us away from the real danger? Is the world we are inhabiting now all an illusion created whole cloth of figments and nightmares twisted deep within the roots of Mr. Blue's psyche?!

It's not that I don't enjoy the combat, and I can certainly handle my own in any situation thrown at me. But I detest being toyed with if this is Mr. Blue's intentions. I intend to root out his motives once me and my companions dig our way out of this muck he's put us in!
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