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Quest for Mediocrity
Where did Verine and Burdock go?
Well without Verine and Burdock tonight, they ended up just helping Kuther and Dimble with their normal duties. They shall be compensated by the Corporal and even gain some experience.

The others however were told about another massive cave that was out there. Apparently noone from the Keep had dared to enter yet so they did. They were immediately met by a pit trap that both Lidan and Petra Darkeyes fell into. After that they had company. A couple of Orc archers stood in wait for them as they entered. They managed to slay through them, and continue on into the cave. Eventually they met a stone dwarven head. He told them that he built this cave about 1000 years ago, but it had been run over by goblins and orcs by now. He did build some secret rooms, and wasn't sure if they had ever found them. Later after killing a few more orcs and goblins the party (minus Novori... will tell later) found one of these secret rooms and actually found quite a bit of stuff, that had obviously been untampered with.

Novori however, had fled one fight early and ran away from the rest of the group. He had been lucky as to not find any other goblins or orcs for awhile, but eventually he ran straight into a room with 6 goblins who all shot at him with their crossbows. They managed to kill Novori without anyone else even knowing where he went...
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Verine and Burdock descided to take a sabbatical from this crazy crew, and bought passage on a ship making merchant stops in various ports of the coast. It was a nice break from the same old same old, dungeon esplorin'. :) needless to say we have made our way back to base camp and are revamped and ready to join you all on your next adventure!! :)
Tsk tsk...Verine and Burdock running off together...the rumours will fly faster than Verine's wayward arrow into Novori's back..

Also...I think we can stop feeling guilty about Novori being dead, because now we know it is totally not our fault and he capable of killing himself all on his own..
The rumors won't last very long when they see there is nothing to be had between a 2' dwarf and a 5'9" half-elf. :P