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Quest for Mediocrity
Raiders, Spiders and an Owlbear?
Last we saw our party they somehow managed to accomplish a great number of things. First they set off to sell some of their loot. They managed to get enough to resurrect Novori, and for Doub and Burdock to train for their new level. After this Aliaga Darkeyes' sister Petra Darkeyes showed up to help the group. Novori's demand for joining was that she bring him a battle chicken, which she soon did.

After they had gotten their newest member the party set off to the lizard camp to find it had been completely abandoned. Next they decided to check out the raiders they had heard about. They tried to do so peacefully, but as soon as they started to approach both their archers let loose their arrows and attacked. Quick on their feet, Novori and Aliaga Darkeyes cast an entangle and sleep spell, quickly wasting the front lines. After about 10 minutes, the group had managed to fell the entire group of raiders.

After a bit of rest, and a confrontation with the evil priest (which really led them nowhere) they traveled into the spider lair. Not much was to be found except for a few dead bodies, and 2 very large black widows. Somehow Burdock found out how to be useful and felled both of them with his darts.

The party soon found themselves in a state to where only the caves have yet to be left, so they set off. They quickly decided on a cave and found this one had actually been formed naturally. Verine spotted a goblet in the pool in one room, but upon running for it, some goos attacked her. The party managed to keep her from dying, but left her there in the care of the battlechicken. They then went to the next room to find the rest of the cave smelled absolutely awful. After looking around for a bit they had disturbed an Owlbear who dwelled there and they quickly disposed of him.

The group is left camping in the cave that Aliaga Darkeyes managed to get rid of the spell by using her unseen servant to clean it up. Now the group must decide what to do next.
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