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Quest for Mediocrity
What has happened so far...
At first Lidan (Human Paladin), Aliaga Darkeyes (Human Magic-user), Novori (Half-Elf Druid), and Doub (Human Cleric of Thor) were traveling to the Keep to find out what happened to Doub's father, Poobpelch. Once arriving they met the Corporal, and were quickly asked if they could help serve the Keep as they have been under threat by the surrounding caves and camps of animals/people for quite awhile. Everyone in the Keep had been too busy lately to tell anything about Poobpelch.

After trying to get some answers and the tavern unsuccessfully, the group set out to face the Hermit. They soon arrived and were met by the mountain lion in his tree. The mountain lion was a fierce opponent, and they were certainly injured, but with the help of Novori's entanglement they were able to slay the beat. Wounded they went back to the Keep to rest up. On their return they met with the Hermit who seemed nice enough. With the help of Doub's command spell they got him to tell the truth about his past... at least for awhile. Soon enough their questions had gone on too long, and infuriated he managed to backstab Novori in the back and nearly kill him. The group was quick to heal Novori and run him out of there to rest.

After this first encounter, they party felt maybe the caves would be best. They entered the first cave they saw. Soon enough Lidan had fell into a trap, and the rest of the group was rushing to his aid, not realizing that a bunch of kobolds and rats had crept up on them. After the battle ensued, and they healed up they ventured on through the cave. They manage to destroy the Kobold leader and leave the women and children in peace.

The group had now met some new friends before leaving too. Burdock, a gnome thief, Dimble Nackle, a thief/illusionist, and Kuther, a dwarf fighter joined the group. Later they would return to the cave, this time met by a group of Orcs. Once they made it into the living/dining area they were met by large groups of orcs on both sides. Kuther bravely rushed one end, while Dimble had duck into a corner to conceal himself. As the fighting ensued, everyone in the group suddenly saw Dimble cast an illusion of fire, lighting 6 orcs on fire, and then saw Dimble creep up on the on after Aliaga Darkeyes and taking him out with a back stab. Eventually the group defeated the orcs and decided to rest for the night. During the night one of the Orc women wandered about their camp. Doub quickly lied and said that they came to help the orcs defend against 'cave spiders'. Luckily she wasn't very intelligent and Doub was very charismatic and she believed him. They offered her dinner (her cooked husband) and she left. The group would set out the next day and remove their leader. After looting everything from the room, and a bunch of equipment, the group would remove one leg from ever chair/table/bed in the cave.

On their return to the camp the Corporal would be extremely pleased with the group. While resting up, Doub spent his days praying at the temple to Thor, and eventually the Keep's cleric let him know that he didn't trust the priest that rolled into town recently too much. Doub let his friends know and they went to investigate. The priest wasn't home and they couldn't get in the door. Eventually they sent in Burdock through the chimney. Shenanigans ensued as he removed legs from things, and then to cover their tracks, Novori let his animal friend, a beaver, down into the house.

Now the party had met their newest friend Verine, a half elf Ranger. They were soon let known of a murder in the small village of Melford. The Corporal asked to have Dimble and Kuther back into his forces for use of some horses. The party set out to Melford and started to investigate. The parties investigation strategies were flawed, and really just ended up flirting with people. Eventually someone tried to mug Doub, and in self defense he accidentally killed them. Sadly no-one in town saw the mugging, just saw him kill the mugger, so the group quickly returned to the Keep. They would then set out to try and kill the Hermit again. They made it safely to his tree/house and once again he was quite friendly. Once Novori showed his face, he was once again enraged and took Novori down in one shot yet again. With the druid out, Doub thought it was his chance and set the tree on fire. The party tried to escape but so did the Hermit, and easily took out Burdock too but Verine and Lidan easily managed to take him out.

After resting in the partially charred tree/house, the party would venture to the Lizard men they were told about. They managed to fell 6 of them pretty easily thanks to Novori's entanglement (and Verines/Lidan's archer), but Novori also managed to hit and knock out Burdock. After returning to town to let Burdock come out of his coma they returned to the cave and searched a bit more thoroughly. They would soon encounter the head lizardmen and a few woman. After he took out Novori, the party managed to fell them. Upon searching they found a few vials of liquid, and in a desperate attempt to save Novori they gave him one. Sadly immediately as they forcefully gave him the liquid, he died, and soon his battle-cat (the test subject) fell too. The party had faced their first death.

What will they do now?
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