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War of the Burning Sky
Up to 2/9
March 27-29
Without their commander, the Steppengard forces are forced to call a truce. They send word to Bresk for orders, and the report comes back to return to the capital. King Steppengard calls for a tournament of unification in the capital in three days.

March 30-31
The party travels to Bresk as Duke Gallo's bodyguards.

April 2-3
The party attends the tournament in Bresk. Kelstuv wins the jousting tournament in one of the most unorthodox tourneys in Dassen history. He wins a massive war horse named Xantini. Tybalt wins an entertainment competition, winning a plot of land in Lady Dene's realm.

Varis finds a lead to a poisoning plot at the King's Banquet, and the party warns Duke Gallo. Gallo asks them to rescue Jinis from the King's dungeon, and the party heads through a secret passage into the castle. In the castle, they kill Inquisitor Torrax and capture the Ragesian ambassador. They also rescue Jinis and burst into the banquet hall before the poisoned dishes can be served. Nina Glibglammer reveals herself to really be a trillith named Madness, but without the poison to madden the nobles, they join the party to roundly defeat her, with Tybalt's Song of Forms making sure she dies quickly.

The party is rewarded with plots of land in Lord Megadon's realm, and are knighted by Duke Gallo. They are also given money and treasure from the King's treasury--and Kelstuv finds out that he is not in the Book of Eight Lands.

Balan informs the party that a sending ritual has informed him that Seaquen requests the party's assistance again. One of their other groups has disappeared.
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