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The Star Child part 2
The crew searched the Rainbow Sun and found the girl hiding in the maintenance ducts near the ships power plant. She had befriended the chief engineer during her trip to Jae Tallona and returned to him when she had nowhere else to go.

The crew convinced Shaloni and the chief engineer that they were sent by her father and took the girl back to the Ring of Fire. On the way, Baleeze was accosted by a group of "corsairs" who he knew in a past life. The corsairs had located a ship hidden out on the surface of the moon and wanted to offer Baleeze and the crew a share of looting it if they could help break the code locks. Figuring the ship probably belonged to the Specter the crew agreed.

Before any real plans could be made, the specter contacted Jonsey on the bridge and offered a reward if the crew would simply turn the girl over. Jonsey played dumb and the specter and his black-ops team immediately attacked the Ring of Fire.

The specter teleported onto the bridge over-powered Jonsey and injected him with a truth drug to find out the girls location.

Ellanna, Balzeee, and the Corsairs defended the ship against the black ops boarding team who was trying to come in the airlock.

Shalani was hiding with Yume in her medical lab. The specter was unable to teleport to the girl, due to her null psychic ability. He fought his way to the girl only to be killed by a concentrated effort from Yume, Baleeze, and the corsair Captain.

The crew then helped the corsairs break the code locks on the Specter's ship and quickly broke orbit and headed for Osiris.

The girl's brain tumor (which was causing her powers to be uncontrollable) was treated by a specialist on Osiris. Fearing the doctors on Osiris would turn the girl over the government Psion institute, Yume contacted her Psion master, a member if the Psion underground. Yume's master was only too happy to take responsibility for the girl in order to keep her out of both the government's and Blue Sun's hands.

The girl father had passed away not long after hiring the crew and she was now an orphan. Leaving the crew with ownership of the Firefly that he had promised as payment.

The crew now needs to check out the Firefly and find out how much it is worth as well as get thier share of the loot from the corsairs.

The corsair captain and his crew can now be considered contacts, as is Shalani.

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