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War of the Burning Sky
March 25
The party travels through a tunnel to within striking distance of Thravanvost's tent. They attempt to silence the patrolling guards, but fail and a grand melee ensues. The war-mage is eventually killed.

March 26
Tybalt leads the PCs into battle against Steppengard's forces. With Tybalt's inspired leadership, and the wyvern attacks from Kelstuv and Varis' mighty blade, the party manages to hold their section of land against the invaders. After the second wave of battle, Duke Gallo calls upon the party to use an ancient tunnel to go into the Steppengard command post and capture Konigsmarshal Malkan, the opposing general.

The party infiltrates the opposing command center and fight Malkan and his guards, along with the increasingly disturbing gnome Nina Glibglammer, who leaves the battle by walking through the wall. Malkan is captured and returned to Duke Gallo.
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