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The adventures of Hopper and Scruffy #1
Today, we go get grubsesses. Yummy for Hopper! Hopper! Hopper! Hopper!
Me eat lots. Me tummy feel fat. Me like fat tummy! Hopper! Hopper! Hopper! Scruffy silly little puppy. He chase Hopper! We go fast. Hopper go faster than puppy! I win! Hopper, Hopper HOPPPPPPPPEEEERRRR!

We find scary place. Hopper no like. Scruffy make growlys. We sneak in. Smell bad. Dark. We sneaky but spider come anyway. Hopper no like spider. Spider see Scruffy and try to eat puppy! No eat friend puppy bad spider! Hopper mad! Hopper fly down fast and scratch ugly smelly spider on the eye. Yucky spider run fast away and hide.

Yay! Hopper, Hopper!, Hopper!

Scruffy curious puppy. He go in dark hole. He find bone man! Bones shoot arrow at Hopper. Hopper too fast! Tee hee, Hopper, Hopper!

Puppy chomp bone man leg. he love chomp boneseses. Bone man no move no more. Scruffy eats bones. He like. He chomp...and chomp...and chomp. he happy puppy. He tail wag lots.

Hopper see bad things. Hopper take a bad thing to show my Sarah. Scruffy get lost. Hopper find him and take home.

Hopper and friend puppy go home. Puppy go to sleep. He tired. he got little legs.

Hopper show bad thing to friend Captain Agmar. He look sad face and leave castle to find my Sarah.

Hopper tired too. I sleep now. I dream about grubsessess.

Happy dreams.

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